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Looking for the next step up

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Hey everyone, using the HD 25-1 II as a reference, what would be the next step up? I can't imagine having too much quality time with open headphones so closed is a must. I primarily listen to hip-hop, a good deal of classic rock then a lesser blend of metal, techno, alternative and country. About $220 is really stretching my budget so are there any headphones that would offer a worthy improvement?

Thanks for your time!

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If Your looking at on or over the ear phone's You could check out 4 different phone's, 2 are noise cancelling 1. AKG K271 MKII, Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, the other's are 3. Fischer Audio FA 003 and Shure SRH840. Also look under the Head Gear site and some more research, You might find something else.  L3000.gif

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I'd check the HFI-580. 

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If you're coming from a $200 headphone, I don't think you're going to see much of a step up for $20. The k271 requires good amp synergy, so you'd probably end up spending a lot more money to get it to sound good. Also, the FA-003 might be too "boring" for hip hop, because it's a REALLY neutral can. If you like a neutral sound, you're not going to find anything better than that for a long time, but if you like a fun sound stay away.


I'd try to find a deal on a Beyerdynamic DT990 or an Ultrasone Pro 750.

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Thanks for the recommendations, while I like the idea of a fun sound for my music I'm not set on it, the FA 003's seem nice enough and the noise canceling is a tempting bonus. I am still very happy with my HD25's so I'll more than likely end up waiting for a deal on something like the pro 750's. That being said I suppose my arbitrary $220 budget is misleading, sorry about that, so headphones that normally run around $300 are more like what I'm hoping for.

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