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Just want to show some loving to the Sammies! Had these over a year now and they've gone full circle amongst my collection!


My 850's are surrounded by my MS2's, Sennheiser Momentum's (Over-ear), Fostex T50rp's and a few ATH iem's.


What I love about these inexpensive headphones compared to the above:


- Perceived clarity with a satisfying low end, clear and present midrange super-extended high's. Balanced? No, but...the music is forward and engaging with great prat!


I admire the detail these headphones can retrieve given they are the cheapest amongst my collection and how well they are able to perform on many genre's of music! From EDM through to vocals, the 850's are very satisfying.


- An amazing first-time headphone for anyone starting out who are on a tight budget! Must be appreciated thou!



What I like about the 850's:


- Sturdy and well built, these can's have held to together very well. I've even ran over the cable with my computer chair without any issues!


- I like the comfort, I can just throw them on/off with very minimal adjustment. My ears fit well in the cups and headband rest securely on my noggin. The other night I was having an EDM session and I hardly took them off, just a pleasure to listen to!


- I like the sound signature, with it's solid bass to a clear and flat midrange and extending all the way up the treble range. You get a very bright sound but with a warmth thanks to the bass being present.


- Gaming, I do a bit of gaming and these can's are up to I'm not saying they can facilitate 7.1 virtual surround sound no no...but they are clear and detailed enough to submerse yourself into whatever game you are playing. So detail that if you're gaming with a buddy and they're using a $2 mic, then you'll hear that $2 mic everytime he's talking to you (LOL).


What I didn't like:


- When I first bought these, my rig at the time wasn't anything spectular (fiio E17). At the time I thought they just sounded OK, a few amp's/dac's and headphones later, you truly start to appreciate the level of sound that these headphone's are capable of performing to! Currently I'm listening to these with my Halide DevilDac and Schiit Asgard 2 and the combination is fantastic! So my dislike is....errrr the price (thinking, "you get what you paid for!" but instead getting something you won't appreciate until you've heard other headphones and equipment.


- Treble?! I will admit when I first heard them, they were incredible bright and detailed....ok maybe harsh! (Buyer's remorse!) But my ears were still virgin at the time and as time goes by as these headphone's come back around in my rotation, you really start to admire the treble as it's just balanced out by the rest of the spectrum.


- I would love some thicker plush pads but for the price they are fine!


- Sound leakage, as per usual all open/semi headphone's leak sound. I can hear these down the hall! (I believe there is a closed version)


Wow, I think that's enough loving for one day, but to conclude, truly an admirable headphone at such a generous price!


I'll be receiving a pair of HD600's soon, so I'll be eager to compare the two and see how I go!



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