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Sennheisers or Go Grado?

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Ok guys,
so like many of u here, my thirst for sound quality was born reading through in-numberable posts on the forum.thus starting a journey to the place where i love the sound of my rig.

Now, i started with Sennheiser HD212 Pros, then brought my Sansa Fuze V2.built a HeadBanger amp, then a CMoy.and when through all this i had some money saved up, i went for the RE0s, and then replaced them with the RE ZEROs.i've loved the 0s more BTW. and, though at the moment i dont have a lot of money (am a student), i have been saving, and would like to know, what headphones i should be saving for.

I want to go hi-fi this time.the Grados have been my dream since i was a kid, so i was thinking of the SR60i pair.but there are these Sennhiesers starting from HD555, that are marketed as Audiophile. Do i go for these or the Grados only? I'd be getting the Grados for 135$ here in India.other suggestions are welcome.
Please help.

Edit: also, i have a lot of the diy spirit and would love to mod the Grados.getting them the silver wire, the other mods listed in other threads here too.i don't know if all this is possible with the Sennheisers. Keep in mind i am looking for hi fi.
Also, i am typing this through my cellphone, all the spacing between paragraphs dies here.
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I don't know your personal taste in music or sound, but I tried the 80is, 125s 125is (ended up buying these), and 225s, along with 515s, 555s, and 595s. I did not try the 595 extensively, but between the rest, I have to say the 80i was better than the 515 or 555.

I felt the Grado sound was clearer. It felt like it matched the Tesla, Metallica, and Iron Maiden I used to test them out (the only lossless I had at the time with me). The Senns felt weak and too relaxed. I think the Senns would have really benefitted from an amp while the Grados really didn't need it, so that may have been the reason I felt the Senns were weak, but if you're anything like me, the more you hear out of the Grados, the more you'll love them.

Another thing is my big head found the Senns clamped too hard and the Grados easily remedied that with the bending of the headband. The Senns may be more comfortable to most, but I couldn't get past the clamp of them.

I need to go back and test out some bowls on my Grados soon (and check out the RS2 I didn't have a chance to look at when I was there last time), so if you want me to listen to the Senns again when I'm there now that I am not just overly excited to hear some new stuff, I'd be more than happy to smily_headphones1.gif

I know you asked about 60is, but they didn't have a pair and I'm just basing it on all of the Grados being similar 40mm 32Ω drivers. I assume the 60i is somewhat like the 80i only slightly less detailed or something.
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All depends on your music.


The Grado sr60i is something you won't regret buying though.

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* the type of music you enjoy listening to

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I listen to Linkin Park, Spock's Beard, RHCP, and rap too.basically my music is varied in geners, covering almost all of them.
I'd like to know what amps pair best with the SR60is.i was considering using Sansa Fuze>>LOD>>Mini3 with the zeros i have and the Grados i might own.their modability fascinates me actually.
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pa2v2 works well, the mini^3 is highly regarded. Little Dot 1+, Musical paradise, Ibasso's

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What about the clarity and treble of the SR60i s compared to the RE0s and the ZEROs?are they super clear?or can they be made super clear with any mods?
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I realize I am talkingn about different phones than you but still wanted to say that I have sr325s and H650s and love them both. Actually, I like the 325s substantially more but they are highly modded so they're in a differenent league.


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I really like the grado sound but this is a question only  you can answere

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Whilst I am a huge fan of my modded 60s, I would take the stock SR60i over the RE0 any day of the week. Any advantage that the RE0 has in detail retrieval is massively outweighed by poor quality control and limp bass response. After a work colleague's RE0 literally came apart in his hands, I thought 'ok, I guess one-offs can happen', but it soon became apparent that they just arent taking the necessary care at the factory - I threw mine away in disgust when the LHS driver went in less than 3 months. My $99 Sony IEMs withstood 3 solid years of significantly rougher  treatment before they died - if Sony can do it at this price-point, I expect the same from Fang.


Very disappointing.

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