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AD700 Where to buy? (Canada)

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Hey HeadFi!



I need help in buying some AD700's, after browsing here everyday since I returned my Beats Studio's for xb500's ((thx rpgwizard lol) at least 2 months ago)I have figured out the ad700 is what I want for my next set of cans as I listen to alot of classical and orchestral music, I'm assuming the ad700 will be a big leap from the xb500's in these genres.




Hmm, amazon.com has them cheap - wait, no shipping to canada

ok, amazon.ca doesn't even have them


Hmm, newegg.com has them cheap as well - what a surprise, no shipping to canada

and yet again newegg.ca doesn't even sell them


NCIX.com is the same as above




I do not want to buy them off audio technica as it will be at least $170.

I've found a ebay seller which seems to be quite reputable and will come to $130ish with shipping to canadia (here)


No retail stores here carry them, most only carry grado, akg, koss, denon and the ones that do carry at's are all dif models.


So, can anyone here help me in my search for these cans?


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On Amazon.com there is a seller called beach camera that is selling the AD700 for $89 usd and they are wiling to ship internationally. Shipping to Canada costs $32




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Where in Canada are you?  I would try to avoid NCIX as I live down the road from their head office/warehouse and it took over a week to get PortaPros from them.  Service was pretty crappy.

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