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Here are my (slightly delayed) mini-meet impressions:


Horio’s turntable playing the Beatles White Album through Purrin’s Stax headphones was a revelation.  While playing the ‘Revolution 9’ track backwards we could hear ‘Paul is Dead’ reproduced with authority and treble extension that none of the other systems could match.  


We were all impressed.   Except for AMB --  who was in the other room rewiring Particleman14’s TV and replacing all of the capacitors with Black Gates.


TMoney and I did a quick tube roll on my Isabellina, using both new and NOS vacuum tubes.  We proved conclusively that they just don't make  vacuums like they used to.


The highlight of the meet was the A-B comparison we did using live music.  Particleman14’s friend Neil Young was kind enough to come down from Oakland to help us.  While Neil played ‘Harvest Moon’ on his guitar, CeeTee alternately compared what he was hearing live to what he heard with his new UE Reference Monitors.  CeeTee was able to determine that, when properly inserted, the UERM is very effective at preventing music from reaching the user's ears.

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Ha!  It is true that I have not been able to substantively determine all that much...I absolutely need a week off of work to get some sun and some listening in!!

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I really enjoyed getting to listen to your RS-2s at the meet, and I was thinking of their sound when I came across this article on Grado "Pad Rolling." I don't know if you've seen it, but as a Grado fan and "pad-roller" you might want to give it a read!

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^^Holy Cow, that's required reading!  Thanks...  


Reverse Bowls?  Goo Bowls? 



@TMoney, glad you liked having a chance to listen to the RS2i's...any thoughts?


(I just had a chance to compare the MS-Pro's for a little while and I prefer the RS2i's.  Wonder if those who have sold their RS-1's would have kept the RS2i's longer...) 

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That article is so cool!


I really enjoyed the RS2s. I used to own the PS1000s and they never really did it for me (at least at that price they didn't). I think I could end up really liking the RS1/RS2s. I think my impressions of them are pretty similar to those of Tyll, the author of that article. They seemed really lively and fun with the stock bowls. I hope I get a chance to hear them again soon... with Tape-Bowl Mods! Let me know if you try it out.


Oh, and Andrew, I read this review (link below) of the ATH 700MK2 on headphonia today and it seems like the perfect 'phone for your "drum-and-bass" sessions. The reviewer found himself putting his Stax Omega IIs and HD800s aside because the 700MK2s were more fun... thats pretty high praise! For a grand total of about $150, they might be worth checking out.

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I'll second the RS-2s with taped bowls. Used to have a pair set up that way until I converted them to Vixens... one of the worst mistakes of my life.

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I will certainly be trying the Taped Bowls for my RS2i's...and am sending my MS1's to be woodied into Bilessandro's too!

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yea I've checked out the 700's. For the price, I might just scoop some up... In the meantime I scooped up 1 of those awesome hose headphone stands:)


Although, I just finished my horn loaded subwoofer... so the drum and bass will be mainly speakers.  btw have those monoblocks come in? 


Anyways, I'm finishing a few more builds including a speaker amp and starting new projects commissioned by friends..  Wait, crap! I'm supposed to be saving up for LCD2s!!  Will get back to you on that...

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My "new toy" finally came in today. Thanks to some of the people at the mini-meet (*cough* Greg and his EHHA *cough*) I've gone over to the dark side. That is, if being balanced is the dark side.


Check out the pics! I posted pictures in this thread:


The monoblocks are on hold for the moment until I figure out what my living situation is going to be like. While I'm sure they are going to be fantastic, it wont do me any good owning them if the speakers are sitting in storage.

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Sorry I wasn't able to attend this meet due to being out of town, but hopefully I can catch the next one.


CEE TEE: I got the jumbos for my RS1i's, and wasn't too keen on them out of the box, but it worked out pretty well with a little bit of EQ.  There is also a tape mode for the jumbos which looks interesting to me, and I will eventually try out just to see.  I would like to get some time to compare RS2 and RS1 with the same pads one of these days.

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SanJoseCanJunkie:  let me know and we can meet up!  


We can run both the RS2i and the RS1i out of the Benchmark at the same time for quick-swapping (two outputs).  


I would also like to listen to a Woo amp, I haven't had any time on those...send me a PM!



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uh oh. let me know if you wanna meetup again.  a grado shootout!

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When I get the Bilavideo-modded MS1's...I can also bring MS1i's to compare.



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Do you know when will be the next bay area meetup? I missed it by a couple hours. I was working during the weekends and can't attend. Let me know if there will be a next one coming up soon.




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^^For a BIG meet?  Maybe August???  



(But that feels like it is approaching quickly!)

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