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Headphones around $500 in Total

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Hi, looking for new headphones, for home and outdoors listening. I want to spend about $500 in total, would be happy to save some money, but can spend more if needed. I picked some phones, but need your help to choose the right ones.


I mostly listen to trance/electro, dance, metal (50%), films (20%) and classical music, pop, rock, jazz (30%).

I use iPhone 4 and Sansa Clip.


My options for outdoor listening:

Phonak Audéo 112. If I pay more for Sennheiser IE8, will I hear the difference straight away or would have to listen carefully to see the difference?


My options for home listening:

Denon AH-D2000, Ultrasone Pro 900. Would hear any real difference if went for Denon AH-D5000?


Does it make sense to get universal phones for both home and outdoor listening? These are on my list: Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro, Westone UM3X or 1964-t (iPhone doesn’t have enough power do drive 1964-q, does it?)


I want extremely detailed sound over whole frequency spectrum. I want to hear where the instruments are positioned in the space. I want big (preferably huge) soundstage, but I understand that with IEMs one have to be prepared to compromise on this. I want clear, deep and strong basses, which don’t bleed to midrange. Noise isolation. Comfortable. Durable.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Does it make sense to get universal phones for both home and office listening?
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i'm also looking at similar phones as you. since i have not heard them yet i can't really help you there. i can however give you my input on the triple.fi's. i think they're a love em or hate em kind of iem, personally i think they're fantastic iems especially if you can get a great deal on them (shouldn't be too difficult). plenty of detail throughout. however, i do feel as if the highs can be a little piercing and have experienced sibilance with some tracks. they are durable in my case, but have heard problems with other users. the same goes for comfort.. these earpieces are pretty massive and may or may not fit your canal properly. once again, they work well for me so i can't complain about that.

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i have sennheiser ie8, but i am not willing to write about them, because it would last way too long......


sennheiser ie8 are truly the best iems ever tryed by me.... and i had some.... the ideea is that they are like an ultimate, i am not very sure that you can power them with that sources.... sansa clip is sure not enought.... iphone 4 could be, i don;t really know..... this is just an happy everyday user of sennheiser ie8 opinion....

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I hope you aware of PRO900 unusual sound signature and bass quantity. I love my HD650 for their natural sounding details, clarity, transparency over entire frequency range even with stock cable but upgrading to Moon Audio Blue Dragon Version 3 cable improved them.
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