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For me to get the best sound out of the CK10 I have to insert them very deep. For this the Shure triple flange work great but they are a little too hard for me and cause some discomfort after a while. The material used on the Etymotic triples is much softer/comfortable but I can't get them deep enough. The stems come already snipped from Etymotic. I wish they came in a long stem version. I found these today and ordered a few. Hopefully they're a little softer than the Shures.
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You can get Monster tri-flange knockoffs (which work the best for me) here.


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Originally Posted by ebacho View Post

You can get Monster tri-flange knockoffs (which work the best for me) here.


Thanks, I have some on the way but now I'm thinking they won't work for me. If I'm not mistaken the stems are short???

Edit: Yes, short. Those are the ones I ordered. Guess I'll find out when they get here...
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I didn't trim them at all, and they fit pretty snug on the nozzles of the CK10's. They get uncomfortable after 2-3 hours unless you have really large ear canals though (SQ is worth it though).


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The postman dropped off three different types of triple flange tips today! (Shures, Monsters & earplugstore longs)

Edit: The Monster triples are very comfortable but they do add some sibilance to vocals. The earplugstore triples have a little more isolation and greatly reduce the sibilance I'm hearing from the Monsters. Its amazing how much of a difference in sound various tips can make so try a few. smily_headphones1.gif
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The pack of Complys I ordered came in, and they are fantastic.  I'll probably try another type after these run out to see if anything fits better, but I am very pleased with them.  Only thing is that they are a PAIN to put on the stem.  Any recommendation for that to make it easier?

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I'm using double flange tips from earplugstore. Had to trim the stalk. Isolation is great. and no sibilance. Strangely enough, I just cant use the triple flange version, it just blocks all sound at all. I wonder if I can squeeze more isolation with monster triples, cause I commute everyday by subway, open windows in summer create an airplane noise-like conditions.

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What's the difference between the Comply Foam T-130 and the T-200?  I've been using the T-200 with my CK10 and they fit perfect.  Are the T-130 just slightly smaller or do they have a longer hole?

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The 130's fit very snugly; rather difficult to get on.  I'd like to get a set of 200's and see if they fit any better; wish Comply sold a multi pack (or would just make some FOR the CK10).  I'm very pleased with how they perform, just not changing them.

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If that's the case then yes the t-200 are a much better fit, you definitely should try them. The 200 fit just right, they are pretty easy to go on with just the right amount of friction and don't come off on their own.
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I've been using the Sony hybrids, and while they're ridiculously comfortable I just wasn't getting any sort of bass out of them at all. I ordered the Shure EA306's from Amazon, and when they came I was really worried because they looked way too small to fit. After fiddling with them though, they definitely go on. I clipped off the top flange (the smallest one), and popped them! It's amazing what a difference tips can make. Definitely worth it, even though they are (unfortunately) white. So if anyone else is looking for an alternative, I'd say give these a shot.

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Does anyone know where, in Australia (eBay or online store), I can get replacement tips for the CK10? I have been using some triflanges with them with very satisfactory result but am now down to my last pair.
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I found an Ebay seller by the name of 'lostearbuds' who sells tips of various types (single to triflange) and sizes (small to large, as well as different speaker stem sizes).

Could someone kindly point which tips suit the CK-10? I'm thinking between medium and large. The CK-10 seems to have 4.5mm speaker stem; I'm unsure if I should go for something with 3.5mm or 4.5mm opening.

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