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Need help buying 2 headphones. Noise Cancelling and Earbuds.

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About 5 years or so, I purchased Sennheiser HD595 and an amp.  Sounds amazing and I love them when listening to music at home.  However, I travel quite a bit now.  About 40-50k miles in flights every year and commute about an hour a day to the office via train.  Since the HD595 is open ear, others can hear my music and it doesn't block sound, so I only use them at home.  I've been stuck using the ipod headphones for traveling and working out.


With my nice tax return I just received, I want to treat myself to some high quality headphones.  Looking for 2 different ones and hoping you guys can help.


1.  Noise canceling full headphones to use on the train and airplane.

2.  Earbuds for working out or when I need something I can just toss in my pocket when I'm done.  I have tried a few in-ear headphones before and I can't ever make them comfortable.  Always either falling out or hurting my ears after 30 minutes.  There has to be something similar to the ipod headphones with much better quality, right?


This is some of the music I listen to:


Linkin Park


Cage the Elephant

Mumford and Sons

Taking Back Sunday


Headphones will be powered primarily by my iPhone 4.  Not looking to use an amp.


Budget - Around $300 for the noise canceling headphones and around $150 for the earbuds.  Willing to pay more if there is something out there that is really worth it.


Looking to make the purchase within the next few days.  Let me know if anyone needs more info from me.



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Just saw the buying advice thread.  Sorry guys.  I posted there if a moderator wants to close this.

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You're more than welcome to make a new thread. There's no rules stating you have to use that thread. Now as far as traveling is concerned, a nice pair of IEMs will be just fine on the train and airplane to be honest. I used my Head-Direct RE0 on my last plane trip and had no problems with outside noise interfering. Now as for recommendations, I'm no expert in IEMs, but I can tell you what I liked:


Apple Dual Driver IEMs - These were my first "expensive" headphones purchased. I bought them on a whim since I hated my Skullcandy IEMs and when I first put them in I had been transported into audio heaven. The bass is tight, warn, and punchy without being overbearing. The mids and highs were clear, blending in perfectly with the bass, nothing overpowered another. The highs weren't shrill and I never experienced fatigue. They have a warm signature to them and I found them comfortable. They took quite a beating from me and put up with a lot of abuse until a guinea pig at the wire. Another benefit is that they have an inline mic which works with your iPhone 4. During the time these were alive I compared them to my Grado Sr80i and Audio Technica Ad700 and there were times I preferred them, even for home listening.


Sunrise SW-Xcape - Disclaimer: I have not heard these, this is based off of what I've read from an online friend and reviews here. They are basically more bassy, which is a good thing, Re0. My biggest complaint with the Re0 is the lack of bass. I've heard these are very clear and balanced like the Re0 with much better bass. People describe them as "do nothing wrong" headphones.

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Audio technika


Great sound

QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones
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The ATH ANC7B's are awesome. Many a time have I borrowed my friends pair and I never enjoy having to give them back.




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