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Wanted: broken iems

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broken iems

As the description says, I want broken IEMs.  As long as the balanced armatures are good, I want them for custom IEMs.  Cracked shells (that still make sound), bad cables, etc are fine.


Shoot me an offer of what you have, I can't pay much but it's sure better than just throwing them out

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replied, please get back to me, we can probably close the deal today ksc75smile.gif

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hey i have a broken tf10 and the right driver is still working but the left driver is broken. here is the picture for you to see. :D pls PM me if you are interested. thanks. btw this tf10 is bought this month :D thankyou!


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i am intrested in buying that :-)

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do you still have it ? please make an offer ..i am living in Australia

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