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Need some guidance on what sort of headphones to purchase

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hello guys!


so, i need some advice on what sort of headphones to purchase. the most i would be willing to pay is around $130.


i want headphones that provide extremely high sound quality. i'm going to use these in my room, hooked up to either my iphone or laptop, for listening to my music collection. i don't plan on using these on-the-go, so noise-cancellation is not important to me.


i listen to metal primarily, which is heavy and fast. i also listen to rock and some electronic (dubstep). (i'm not sure if that would influence my choice.)


basically, what are the best headphones for delivering extremely high sound quality in a quiet setting like my room? thanks!

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Well You need to figure out what type of phone You would wear, over, on or in ear? If You'll be listening for long stretche's comfort come's into play. You could look into Grado's, Sennheiser's, Audio Technia, Shure, there are many good phone's in that price range. Look under the Head Gear section that will give You a few more idea's with rating's and so such. Then do the price comparison's and narrow Your choice's, just take Your time and maybe save up some more and go a little higher end if You can.  atsmile.gif

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-I said you probably not going to get high quality sound at that price range, but there is a few that is very good value with good sound.  If you want a full headphone I would recommend the at-m50s.  It was my first entry into reference headphone.  Its really great for it price.  It have strong bass and handle speed pretty well.  Its also easily collapse you you could fit it into your backpack on the go.  I assuming from your music taste that you like a little more bass in your headphone.  Now you going to give up some clarity but its the best combination of bass and clarity at this price range.  If you want something more portable then I recommend the koss portable pro.  Its much smaller and have a very good sound.  Even thought I have the hd 800 and lcd 2 now I still hold on to those two for listening on the go.  If you have any more questions feel free to ask I will try to help as much as possible.

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portability isn't a concern of mine. the at-m50s look good, but i read a review saying that, they are better for people in the studios, as they pick up all the little details which artists need to fix. with your experience, are they the perfect level of sensitivity for simply listening to music?

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You could get a nice pair of sennheisers for under 130.....I believe up to the HD595 or HD555 are on ebay right now for under 100.


I'd get a pair myself, but I'm looking into getting noise cancellation headphones/closed

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But You said up top noise canceling was'nt important to You? What's Up Doc!

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