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Headphone cable mod help

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hi guys and girls,


so i have a problem, i have been looking everywhere and when browsing through the forums a while ago, someone linked a diy female 3.5mm headphone hack, where they got rid of the cord and went for a female attachment straight on the headphone itself, much for example, the removable cable on the beats by dre headphones.


i bought a pair of M50s off scitscat and i was hoping to get rid of the long coiled cord and change it to the removable type.


i have already ordered one of these;




so that i can talk to people on the phone when i am wearing the m50s. 


i hope this is the right section of the forum to post it in and if anyone could link me to the mod that would be great.


also, do you think that it could stuff the acoustics of the can if i go for the internal female mod, an alternative is that i just cut the cable about 2 inches from the can itself, and solder together a female 3.5mm jack much like the one below;





what do you think?



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Try the DIY section?

Good luck!
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thanks, that would be a better place for info...



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