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I've always used low-range in-ear phones such as the EP-630s and my current  $30 Panasonics, and I find them to be pretty good. sometimes I get sick of that feeling of having something in your ear, but overall I'm pretty happy with them.


I've never had the on-ear or over-ear kind of headphones and recently I've been looking into picking up a set of portable on-ear headphones. I've looked into that huge 72-headphone portable shootout, and I'm wondering how the sound of low to mid tier cans will stack up against low to mid tier in-ear buds.


For example, CX300 vs. JVC HA-M750... which would sound better?


I don't care much for the isolation capabilities as I mainly listen at work or on my way home (where external noise doesn't really bother me).


Also, if it matters, I listen to Drum & Bass and deep Dubstep, so clarity of kicks and basslines is a definite consideration.


Thanks for any help.