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Eddie Current Balancing Act Receives 6moons’ “Blue Moon” Award

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Eddie Current, LLC, a high-end audio company specializing in hand-crafted gear announces that its top-of-the-line Balancing Act,  received 6 moons online magazine's highest review award in the headphone amp, preamp category.  The Balancing Act is a line/ headphone vacuum tube amplifier featuring line level balanced/unbalanced input, and balanced unbalanced output including balanced, or unbalanced headphone drive that brings a new level of listening luxury to high-end audio, driving all headphones, including the new planar headphones. Design features of the Balancing Act are lustrous mirror-polished top, laser-etched nomenclature, and retro Davies control knob. 




  --Partial silver output transformers


  --Yamamoto combo sockets that can run both 300B/ PX-4 output tubes 


  --Quiet power supply


  --High frequency AC with isolation transformers for the directly heated triode filaments


  --Meter with voltage adjustment for output tube heaters


The amplifier comes with:


  --EH platinum matched 300B output tubes


  --Russian made Tung Sol 6SN7


  --Jan 6X4 rectifier tubes


  --Power can be 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V 50/60Hz


Retail: $3950.


The Balancing Act joins Eddie Current’s line of distinct and artfully-designed audio gear with signature sound vacuum tube technology designed by Craig Uthus.  Eddie Current is an Internet-based, affordable line of high-end vacuum tube audio equipment.  Product line includes head phone/ line amplifiers, power amplifiers and speaker components.   For more information, visit www.eddiecurrent.com.  For reviews or an opportunity to listen to the Balancing Act and other Eddie Current products, contact Craig Uthus at cuthus@charter.net or (818) 224-3782. Eddie Current, LLC, 23658 Clover Trail, Calabasas, CA 91302, Phone (818) 224-3782, website www.eddiecurrent.com

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Congrats, Craig!

It is good to see your hard work recognized. smily_headphones1.gif

Also, thank you for sponsoring Head-Fi. We truly appreciate it.
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Congrats Craig, well deserved praise for an excellent product.  The Balancing Act is the best sounding amp that I've heard.


Keep up the great work!

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Congrats and well deserved. I didnt even know you were a sponsor.

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