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Originally Posted by fellic View Post

If anyone could help me, it would be very appreciated. I emailed Cary a couple of days ago, but I haven't received an answer, yet.

Thanks again.

You need to ask for Marc in their tech area. He is the manager. He is really helpful too!

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Thank you very much, Marc just emailed me, he was very helpful!

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Excellent! I was very impressed with his service.

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Hey all, haven't checked in for a while -- hope everyone is still enjoying their SLI-80!


My KT120s are still going strong a little over a year in, i'm pretty happy with synergy overall - Pro-Ject RM 1.3 is killing it!  Here's a pic from just a moment ago.


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Oh and I am looking for a better phono stage, just can't decide right now between the Clearaudio Nano Phono v2 or the iFi Micro iPhono.  


Phono cartridge is next on the list after that, unless I can confirm that the JICO SAS works with the Sumiko Pearl cartridge - then I may just upgrade the stylus for now.   Otherwise I am looking for suggestions on cartridges -- the dealer I work with usually is trying mightily to persuade me to pick up a Sumiko Blue Point EVO III but I'm not sold yet on it, mainly because I haven't heard one and/or read too many glowing reviews.

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Here is my current rig....


I love the Dynavector 10X5 on the Scout. I am running the Cambridge Audio Azur 651P MM/MC Phono pre and I am fine with things atm....

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How does the Dynavector deal with rock music?   I've been really digging Tame Impala/Kurt Vile/War on Drugs kind of stuff lately.   Also enjoying the Rhino 180g repressings of the first four Sabbath records & the new thing by Mark McGuire is fantastic.


I'd been sucking it up to get a Ortofon 2M Black or trying the Blue Point EVO III because the soundstage isn't the best on the Sumiko Pearl - not awful but I know the Cary can do better.   Hoping really that changing the pre-amp is going to help with some of the sound stage issues I'm having (again not awful but they are easily found a/bing flac copies of the same albums through my Bifrost vs. the vinyl versions of the same).   I'm still getting a more enjoyable presentation from vinyl -- as they say, you can't have it all.

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The Dyna is a great all rounder. It can sail through Judas Priest then shift to Cassandra Wilson or Alan Parsons no problem. I think it is one of the great cartridge values out there.


I am partial to MC so I have not looked at the Black. It is highly regarded but I have never heard it. I have reached a nice balance point for the system and have been very pleased with it for some time now. Kin of amazing really, considering this hobby...:D

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