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RE262 Earphones bass solution

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Some reviewers have difficulty to wear RE262 earphone deep enough so that they can not hear enough bass. We did a lot of research on this problem. Finally we found an easy solution: modified the bi-flange. Pls check the following picture. Cut the smaller flange 2mm off, all bass will come back. In the 1st batch RE262 we will provide four hand-modified bi-flange in each RE262 box. We are manufacturing the improved bi-flange now. All hifiman RE262 will use the machine-made improved bi-flange from April.



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Great mod! It really does bring out the bass, and plus it's a better fit overall.

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I found that by cutting the lower flange off the large bi flange, the fit was much better while still keeping the deeper bass. Bass extension was much improved over the single flanges.


I also tried some Sony single flanges but due to the size of the hole, the music didnt seem as clear and did not do the fantastic drivers any justice.

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I am always having issues with achieving proper seal with the bi-flanges, and the Comply tips sound too dark. I wish I could use my Shure olives with them but it never really fit them properly.
On the contrary, its great that is a mod since I desperately needed one. I'll try it first thing this evening, and let you know the results. 
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does the re272 also have these new bi-flanges? 

and the last Re0 batch?

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My 262s have plenty of bass - I just perserved with the large bi-flanges until they didnt hurt anymore. Considerably less painful than my ESW9, which seem to 'find' the tip of my right ear every single time. Given a choice between overly large tips and supra-aural cans, I know which one I'll take.   biggrin.gif

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