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Shure SE215 vs. Shure e2

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I currently have the Shure e2's. I've had them for several years. They're still in very good shape and are used occasionally for working out and other general use. Before these I went through a handful of earbuds $100 and under as well as both the UE 5Pro and UE 5EB. I also had some of the lower end Sennheiser over the head headphones Koss KSC series clip on and over the head. I never really had any high end stuff, but I have tried quite a few headphones and earbuds over the years. I ended up liking the small size and durability of the Shure e2.

Well, now I see that Shure's newest "low end" earbud has been released and it seems to be very popular. I've seen a lot of good things, but I'm not sure if it would br be a step up from my e2's. I would imagine that in 5 years earbuds would have progressed to some point, but I haven't tried any over the newer offerings (from any manufacturer), so I don't know how far things have come. I have noticed that the e2's weren't really considered the top in their class, but the 215's do seem to have gained that distinction, so I'd assume they are some amount better.

Does anyone have opinions on the difference between these two Shure models? Is it worth the upgrade?

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I'd ask this in the Shure se 215 review thread. Probably get more attention in there.

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