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well great idea Jude. this is awesome. i hope to see reviews and unboxing's of new and updated products.


also is it just me or is the audio quality on that video superb.

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Originally Posted by jude View Post


Who told you about the Orpheus 2, LCD-3 and HE-7?  All three sound fantastic, by the way.  (I'm kidding, of course.)

I have heard rumors about a new flagship stat from Sennheiser, and you know how Fang and the Audeze boys do things. It is only a matter of time. 


Anyway, great idea. I am looking forward to the vids.

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Looking forward to seeing these.

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This is 1 of the many reason's I joined Head-Fi to learn from the wealth of knowledge from everyone that is part of all of this. I love the idea of bouncing idea's around and how We try and guide or just out right help each other to find an answer. And now this, it just keep's getting better by the second. Thank's Guy's & Gal's for keeping it FUN & REAL!  Keep up the great work!  atsmile.gifbeerchug.gif.

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This is really exciting. Written reviews are great, but there are so many tangible aspects of the headphone that only video can show. Hope to see a lot of these!

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This is really going to be a great thing I feel for the community here. The benefits of video like seeing actual size comparisons will be quite nice. Also, it will be neat to see/hear a little recap every so often of what is going on in the headphone world/community for those of us that can't keep up with the almost daily influx of news here.

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Is the video loading for everyone else? 

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Cool, thanks.

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I love the idea, head-fi is unique...thumbs up!! 

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Thank you, Jude.



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Awesome this love it keep it up and bring us more.......deadhorse.gif

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Jude, I see a curiously silver looking headphone on top of the wooden speaker(in the video) to your right.  That wouldn't happen to be the upcoming Shure SRH940 by any chance?

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Bumped, yes. iTunes would be an awesome delivery system for this. 

Originally Posted by crayonhead View Post

is it possible also to have something like an itunes subscription system where we can download the videos (for those in countries where youtube is blocked e.g. China, Egpyt) (Maybe free vodcast? 720 high definition with a very good mike..)


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This is cool :D

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Great idea. I wonder what the (never escapable) downsides to these are going to be


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