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An Introduction - Head-Fi TV, Episode 001

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Head-Fi TV, Episode 001:  An Introduction




It has been about three years since the last Head-Fi Podcast, and I've received requests since then to resume it.  I've decided instead to start a Head-Fi videocast that we're going to call Head-Fi TV.  With new product announcements and Head-Fi-specific news coming so frequently nowadays, it seemed like the right time.


This very brief first episode is simply intended to introduce the new Head-Fi videocast, and to let you all know how to keep updated about new episodes as they're uploaded.


Products mentioned in the video:



Links mentioned in the video (where we'll be posting announcements of new Head-Fi TV episodes):



Things that I intended to mention in the video, but forgot to:



Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund



Head-Fi TV Episode 001 produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla

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Holy crap, Jude. This is mega-awesome. <3 <3 !!

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…love the audio…crystal-clear…

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Very good to see some video of this stuff! It's nice to watch someone talk, nicer than to just listen, in my opinion.

I hope you'll have the time and resources to make a whole bunch of these videos, they look fine as-is (although 720-versions will be asked for right about... now) and technically, I don't mind anything you're doing, so please just make content!
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Woot awesome. Looking forward to this.

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omg Jude is Asian! tongue_smile.gif


Great idea! Would love to see more of these things. Could use some more montage magic though. regular_smile%20.gif And a theme song! Jingle?

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Awesome stuff Jude! Really looking forward to these!

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I think Michael from Headfonia is Asian too. Don't take it from me, though; it's just a hunch.


Great job on the videocast, Jude. I'm really looking forward to seeing this take off. On video, you can show off all the gear you want, to the petty noobs.tongue.gif

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Can't wait to hear about the dt1350.  

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is it possible also to have something like an itunes subscription system where we can download the videos (for those in countries where youtube is blocked e.g. China, Egpyt) (Maybe free vodcast? 720 high definition with a very good mike..)

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so awesome. so excited.

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If you continue doing this, adding more episodes and what not, it will certainly grow. Good job  :)

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I'm looking forward to these....and the audio/picture is A-OK. 


This series already has an eye for wardrobe....nice use of the CanJam shirt smily_headphones1.gif



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Whoa, I totally expected a different sounding voice.

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