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New IEM advices

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I'm looking for a new pair of headphones (in ear). I want a good isolation and excellent sound. I currently have a Brainwavz M2 headphones. They sound good but now I want more quality.


I'm looking for an advice even for a portable media player and maybe an amp..


Budget: 500$

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dont have experience with IEM's but for portable player get a sansa clip+ or fuze (and rockbox it), amps i dont know, fiio E7 or a cMoy...
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At that price the first question is: do you want customs or universals??

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Sennheisers have good bass, like cx500


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The CX series has terrible bass.

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Sennheiser CX series have lots of bass and it's not particularly good.  The entire CX line up is also worse than your Brainwavz m2's so just skip them.

Top tier universals would be Shure 535, Westone 4, UM3x, SM3, and some others.

If you want customs you can consider Unique Melody Aeros, Livewire trips, 1964 trips or quads, or maybe some of the lower end UE/Westone/JH customs, those should all be around your budget.

In terms of players, Cowons (like the J3) have great sound right out of the box, fantastic EQ, and are relatively modern, but functionality is about on par with a normal ipod player although their sound is vastly superior.  There are some Hi-fi players like the S:flo or something like that; some people think their sound quality is unbeatable but if you're not super into audio yet you probably won't.  They're pretty much useless for anything but listening to music and are generally pretty funky and have very backwards user interfaces.  If you want to browse the internet, play games, do lots of cool stuff, and also listen to decent quality music then you should consider an itouch.

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Hi guys,


thanks for the comments. For the PMP I think the S:Fio will do the job. If I'm on budget I will take a Sansa Clip.


For the earphones: I want some as fun as the Brainwavz but with more quality especially in the high frequencies. Any idea?

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Originally Posted by Marcus_C View Post

At that price the first question is: do you want customs or universals??

I think to stay in the universals for now. When I have bigger budget I will take some customs. Thanks for the question.

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