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Trying to decide on a new amp!

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Currently I have a Meier Audio Corda 3Move.  I love it but wish it didn't have the curved top to it and that it wasn't as tall.  It doesn't mate in size well with my iPod Classic.  It sounds great and has tons of options(DAC, battery/usb/external power, high/low gain and current mode).


Usage will be 85%iPod through LOD and the rest of the time it will be connected to a laptop as a portable DAC/Headphone amp.  I travel a lot and sometimes appreciate using the DAC/AMP combo on my work laptop (internal audio sounds worse than anything i've ever heard). 


I plan on running my 1964 Ear Quads, UE TF-10, and my Ultrasone HFI-780s through it.  My Beyer DT990s will be a no go for all of these units.


I have been looking at the following amps (for now ignore the fact some don't have DACS):


Also I have set a price limit of 450.00 USD


Ibasso D6 (275.00 USD)

  1. Has a very nice portable DAC built in
  2. Runs off of a built in battery 12.6 v
  3. High output (650mW into 32 ohms) for a portable
  4. Multiple gain settings
  5. Pot style volume control
  6. Thickest of the group


Head Stage 12HE 3G/4G (300.00 USD)

  1. Thinnest of the group
  2. Built in rechargeable 12V battery (11 Vpp output)
  3. Bass (3G and 4G) and Treble adjustments (4g)
  4. Multiple gain settings
  5. Pot style volume control
  6. No DAC
  7. 4G is not available right now


ALO Audio RX Mk2 (449.00 USD)

  1. Good size, thin
  2. Good voltage swing (7.4v) with dual batteries
  3. stepped volume control
  4. Most expensive out of the ones I am looking at


HeadAmp Pico Slim is too short to fit under an iPod Classic, it is expensive and has the least amount of options per $ out of all these amps.  


TTVJ Slim just has such a low output power I wouldn't want to mess around with it.  Also it only has a 2.1 Vpp swing into 32 ohms.  Has nice gain options and nice volume control though.


Obviously the Stepdance is out due to is form factor.


I have heard the P-51 and thought my 3Move sounded just as nice but for the price had many more features except it for size. I might take it off the list just for that reason.  Also the size really isn't the same shape as an iPod. The others are larger but have a similar long rectangular shape to them.  I have listened to the P-51 before and its too mid-centric and really isn't fun sounding.


The Shadow is just so small it doesn't matter what form factor it is!  Sounds similar to P-51, don't like it.


At a 10,000 foot view back it looks like nothing can compete with the Ibasso D6.  I am looking for quality and have zero experience with that brand.  It is also by far the largest and loses points for that.


I am looking for other suggestions I have forgotten or comments on the ones I have chosen.  If you have had any good or bad experiences with these amps let me know.  





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I had RSA P-51 and Shadow up there but removed them.  I just don't like that brands sound signature.

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D6 should be great but that amp is a bit bigger than the Stepdance, isn't it?

Otherwise the Arrow is your best bet unless you change your mind and decide you want a new DAC as well to replace your 3Move.

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D6 is longer but just a little less tall.  It would strap better to a classic ipod than the 3Move.


I think the arrow might be my best bet.

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I actually removed the Pico Slim from the list and put back on the ALO RK MK2.  I couldn't find a review I liked about the slim and it is just too short for my setup.

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I'd appreciate anyones opinions if they have owned any of these amps.....thanks!

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