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Equation RP-21: made to fail

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Made to fail

My previous headphones were Equation RP-15, but were replaced with RP-21 when the yoke(?) developed a crack around the time Equation debuted it. Several years later, the RP-21 split in exactly the same spot. These headphones were babied, always unplugged before removed and placed in a safe spot, and left the room only once - in a box that was never unpacked. After years of trouble-free use, it split unexpectedly upon taking them off. To add to the misfortune, Equation cannot replace them because they are back ordered for several weeks. Considering this problem occurred twice, I am seriously doubting the wisdom of using a headphone that uses plastic at a stress point.

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maybe your head is too big.


just saying

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lol.  That is harsh.

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I have had the RP-21s for 4 years or so and have had this same problem with the cracked headband/yoke thing a couple of time. A couple of years ago when it happened I was able to send them in and get them repaired under the 2 year warranty.


They broke again a while ago. I would like to get them repaired if possible. Equation Audio seems to have gone out of business. Their website is down and their phone lines are disconnected. Does anyone know how I could get these fixed or should I just toss them and start looking for a new set of cans? Thanks!

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I completely agree, and this happened once with the 15s for me and now my second pair of 21s just broke. I want to take the drivers how to use in a new set if that's possible but probably not....
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Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago, I've taped them up for now until I get some other headphones. I really like how these sound.
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