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Hi guys, appreciate any light you fellas might be able to shed on my dilemma.
I've got a pair of Alessandro MS-1s and my unc has a pair of Sennheiser HD600s i steal from time to time.
I listen to a mixture of classic rock, house and acoustic instrumental from my laptop and i've been fixing to upgrade my sound.

My budgets 300+ and below for a DAC/AMP combo and i've narrowed it down to the Fiio E9/E7 combo or the Nuforce Icon HD/2.

I've looked at the threads on Head-Fi concerning these products but i'm still unsure of which wld be a better buy for what i have/ listen to.


Any recommendations on which i shld go for? i'd be glad to look at alternative suggestion too, any help is appreciated!


PS: i wasn't sure if this is the right section to start this thread, if it isn't tell me and i'll start it where it shld go!
Thanks in advance for any input!