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JH5 treble rolloff

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Hi guys. I previously owned a TF10, and recently switched to a JH5. I really miss the extended treble on the TF10, which is missing in my JH5. Is there anything I can do about it? Any mobile amps to reccommend to extend the treble? Or will changing the cable help? What else can help me extending the treble? It just came back from a refit so not much burn in yet. Does treble tend to increase after burn in?


The bass quantity is...massive. So no problem with bass. My EQ straight out of my iphone 4 is Flat.

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How long since you have made the switchover?  Generally speaking, your ears should adjust.  While JH5 treble is rolled off, it is not terrible by any means.  A Twag cable will crispen things up a bit but it is expensive at $175


It IS only a dual driver and it is what it is.

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I'll consider the TWAG. it's not terrible, the treble just doesn't extend to the top of my head like the TF10. as for dual drivers, I dont think drivers is the problem here because the rolloff in JH5 is almost as bad as UM3x and Earsonics SM3 IMO.

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Maybe JH can shorten how far the tip goes in your canal, which might give more treble.  From what I know, the treble should be more present, if not more extended than the SM3/UM3X.  Maybe you can play around with how the custom fits in your ears and see if that changes the treble amount at all.  If so, I would contact JH and see what they can do.


And the Whiplash cable does improve the sound, but see if there are other issues first.

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How does the bass of the JH5 compare to that of non-custom IEMs?

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Yes, JH5 treble should definitely sound a bit "brighter" than UM3X.


Bass is strong but no peaks.  It is more mid-bass than lower bass.  I currently own both JH5 and W3 and I find bass amount to be almost same amount (W3 just a pinch more), but again, no mid-bass hump with JH5.


I go back and forth between these two IEM almost daily.  Love them both and neither distort under any circumstance/volume which I like.  Very efficient.  They will blow your head off.

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