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Excellent! Just what I was looking for!

Thanks again!

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I appreciate 'em. With roughly a thousand hours burn-in over the two years I've owned them, they aren't particularly unbalanced any more and the once boomy bass has settled to a more rounded nature. They seem to really enjoy hard rock and metal, but anything for want of a better word 'urban' tends to lack the boom I'm after. Sub-bass is noticeable if you concentrate on it, with a small tingle in the rib cavity.

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How do these compare to ATH M30?

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well ive never heard the ATH M30 so sorry cant help, hope someone else can. But these are great entry cans.
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Any comparison with the ATH-M50 then? Looking to get these because I heard they are cheap, fun, and I think they look pretty good~^^

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Just got them today, did the sunnybeer mod (taping two holes on each side) and they are sounding pretty good.  I just need to do some more burn-in time.


Btw, do I really need an amp to drive these cans?

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they do sound a bit better with an amp, but its not necessary. enjoy them, i really want another pair just to play around with, we shall see what my wallet says at christmas.


whats your source?


the only downside of the panasonic is the recessed midrange, but its not too bad. 

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Plan on trying a pair of these tomorrow, looking for something that blocks out background noise a lot more than my current headphones Sennheiser Px100.


Might give the Bowers & Wilkins P5 a listen while I am in there as well.

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Tried on a pair when in HMV today, I couldn't give them a proper test in there due to plenty of background noise, but based on the recommendations and good reviews I bought a pair.

Listened to some of Michael Jacksons BAD album while travelling home on the bus and was impressed with the sound quality and also how much background noise they blocked out.

I really like the retro styling of them and the length of the cable seems ideal for when commuting. Long enough so it goes from my jacket pocket to my head without trailing leftover cable onto the floor.

I think these will be what I immediately reach for when leaving the house and my well served Sennheiser PX100 can take a long deserved Christmas break!
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Mine has its padding torn. Does someone know what replacement earpads that would fit these headphones?

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I've had my RP-HTX7 for about a year now.  I have also done the sunnybeer mod (taping two holes on each side).


I call these my "Vanilla Cans".  Not because of the color (they are black) but because they are just so-so all around.  Not too bassy, not too bright, not too much in the mids.  It just seems to do everything ok.  (For $30 I guess you can not expect that much anyways).


They are the only headphones I own that have some sort of isolation (though not much).  Good for watching movies/tv shows on my laptop on the go.


The pads can get a little warm I guess over a LONG time, but I never thought it was too bad.  They are super light, which is great cause they will not hurt your head/ears even after extended plays.


Overall I give them a 3.5/5  My longer review here:  http://www.head-fi.org/products/panasonic-rp-htx7pp-k-retro-style-monitor-headphones-black/reviews/5466




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  I love them...  I was never into headphone hi-fi, although I bough AKG k-77, and k-240s  a few years ago, for my mixer and synths, but I never really enjoyed listening music through them, For music listening I use my rotel and B&Ws.

  I bought them last week just becouse I believe the pink ones are the prettiest phones around, and I was amazed by the bass and over all sound quallity, Sure the 1st day I listened to them I didn't like the sound so much but after a week, I have to say they are superb (for 52 euros phones). 

  I use them with my dared mp-5 amp, but insteed of the not so good build in dac, my source is the m-audio audiophile 24/192, I also use the software m-audio equalizer to balance the brightness.

 I'll give everyone a tip, use equalizer to cut some dbs around 10 khz and boost frequencies around 1-3 khz.


with this setup I would give them a 4 out of 5

with iphone                                  3 out of 5

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UPDATE:  Ended up giving my pair away to my 13 year old nephew (his old crappy Koss ones died).  He LOVES the RP-HTX7.  He is really into Dubstep and says they sound great with that kind of music. 


He could not stop thanking me for giving them to him.  Really put a big smile on my face to know he has a good pair now that he really enjoys.  smile.gif



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glad everyone still enjoys them. i occasionaly still pick up my stepdad's pair and listen. they still are a good can for the price i think.

i'm guessing also for people who like to mod their headphones the drivers on these would be great to experiment with

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I picked up a pair of the green ones for $30 today. I have to say for the money these are pretty decent phones. Build quality is pretty decent and I like the retro look of them. I don't find them to be too bloated in the bass region nor too bright in the treble region, I do however find them to be lacking in the mids. I am hoping the "tape mod" will bring out the mids some more. All in all for $30 I think these are keepers. I think I might repaint them flat black cause I am not too keen on the slime green.

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