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DT880 600 ohm Question

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Hey i recently purchased the dt880 as my 600ohm headphones. They arrived today which is the fastest shipping i've had from the us. However, looking at the the fedex invoice the description was "refurbished audio equipment". The box didn't come sealed and it was full white not orange like i've seen in unboxing threads. Should i be worried or am i just being paranoid? Thanks

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Can you take some pictures?  That might help get you a response.


In the meantime, maybe you can contact the store you bought it from and ask about it.  Keep in mind some headphones come in boxes that are not sealed (e.g., my AKGs 271 & 702, which I purchased from authorized dealers).

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If you paid the regular price for them but they are refurbished I'd be contacting the seller. But, it may be in the fine print somewhere in their listing that they are refurbs. I didn't buy from them because their return policy is screwy unless the headphones are defective.

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Maybe they were new but wrote that on purpose: It may also be something similar to writing USED ELECTRONICS or, ELECTRONICS WARRANTY RETURN or GIFT on a box so that it helps you avoid duty, although I'm not sure how Fedex works that way. I have had that done before. Best to ask the company if this is the case or exactly why it was marked that way for you first. What's the Seller? I am curious. Did you get a decent price on them?

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Seller was proaudiostar. Price was very good i got them for 294 shipped to Australia. They've told me that is was described as refurbished for custom purposes so I guess i'm just being paranoid since i was sold something second hand from ebay before. The box might be an updated version. It came with a guarantee booklet instead of just a piece of paper i saw in the unbox threads. My amp/dac doesnt come until a month an so far these sounds pretty average straight into the computer jack. 

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