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Klipsch s4 vs K181DJ (bear with me)

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I can only afford 1 right now though I'd like to get both. Which one sounds better ultimately? I realize that they're completely different styles and portability has no bearing on the decision.


I liked my q460's for jazz, electr, dj...but they were lacking in the "rock" department. I prefer my PortaPro's for rock by far.


Just wonder which sounds better for "cross-genre" listening? Good "do it all" phones.

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Don't know about the K181DJ, but S4 isn't a particularly good choice for the price.

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Wow...they seem to get such good reviews. 

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I agree with ClieOS.  


If you do a search, you will find a bunch of bad reviews too, 

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I have to agree with the others, the S4 is overpriced. It is not that it is a terrible earphone, but for $80 you can do a lot better. You can get the Klipsch ProMedia which shares the same drivers as the S4 but includes a mic from TigerDirect for $40 (Google for current coupon code) which makes it a little more appealing. Still, the S4/ProMedia fails to impress me personally.
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I love my S4s and they're one of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever had in my ears.


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Based on my brief listen to the s4s, they were indeed comfortable but like others are saying not worth the $80. Really nothing quality about them as far as sound goes. Out of the IEMs Ive actually owned, the RE-ZERO did pretty well for me across genres.

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Regarding RE Zero's...I've heard they're not very bassy. I like'a'ma'bass. Would you recommend the Monster Turbines for 50 bucks, because I sold my MD Trib's due to the somewhat harsh highs.


I would order the Hippo VB's...but they don't seem to exist anymore. I like the bass of the VModa Bass Freq, but hate how cheap the rest of the sound seems to be.


I have so far bought and sold the MD's, q460's, XB500's. I picked up the S4's tonight to see if I like them. I can return them if I don't, but we'll see. Initial tests still kinda leaves me wanting a tad bassier IEM, but they may open up some with a burn in. (though I don't totally buy the burn in) They seal "alright", but I'd prefer some different tips to try. I liked the large round tips on my MD's. The Klipsch tips are a little "cone'y"...not as round as the MD's. I may just have to try the K181DJ.

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regarding the users who think the image s4s are overpriced. An example of better at those prices would be more constructive for the OP, and for readers who are interested.


The RE-Zero's are $100 which is 25% more than the s4s, for anyone on a budget, that is a significant increase in cost.

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Have you checked this thread yet? It's got IEM reviews for all different price ranges, and he rates them numerically for all the attributes, including value
oops: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/478568
or, for non-IEM: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/433318
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So would I be better off with the Monster Turbine?

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Originally Posted by chelboed View Post

So would I be better off with the Monster Turbine?

Only you and your budget can answer that. I have both the S4s and the Monster Turbines. The Monster Turbines are my preference, but not by much. I also got my Turbines brand spankin new for $50, and free Monster Super Tips. If the price of both was the same, MT hands down. But only you can answer if the MT are worth the price. I like them but they are heavy. They also have a nice hefty cable.


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Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I may have found what I'm looking for in the oddest package. I returned the S4's b/c I just couldn't stand them. They just sounded too fake. I did however decide to try ( just for the heck of it) VModa Remix Mobile headphones. They have more usable bass than the S4's. Definitely more present on the low end. Probably too much for you A-Philes, but I like them. They sound sorta like a refined Bass Freq. Not as blatent on the low end and higher quality sound, but still takes way less effort to hear the low end. I actually kicked my eq settings down drastically to a more even, flat, and natural setting to achieve what I want.


Bottom line...I like them so far straight out of the box. A couple hours into them, they sound a tad better even. I like them better than my MD's that I sold. (this alone tells me I'm not a true audiophile, LOL)



I was willing to give the Turbines a shot for $50 refurbs, but I felt the MDTribs to be too heavy which made them easier to dislodge. I didn't care for the sound. I also dislike Supertips. The only tips that would seal for me were the Large mushroom silicone tips. All others killed the sound. (maybe I have mishaped canals, LOL)


Anyhoo...I'll see how these work out for me, but I like them so far.

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