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For Sale: FS: KSC75 with headband

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For Sale:
FS: KSC75 with headband

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought a cheap $5 pair of Koss headphones from Walmart, removed the drivers, cut the ear clips off the KSC75s, and glued them into the vacated headband. At first I loved them, but after wearing them for a while, they started getting uncomfortable. I guess the headband has too much clamping pressure for my head. If you have a smallish head, you'd probably love them.


I thought I'd put them up for sale, and if they don't sell, I'll just give them to my 4yo.


Full sized pics are here,


CONUS shipping is included in the price. Payment through paypal.

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Did it change the sound at all?  It looks like they are no longer open air. 

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No, they are still open.


Once you clip the wire parts of the earclips off, you glue the plastic portion of the earclips into the vacated housing.  I stumbled across the mod on the web, but I can't find it now.  I think it was here,  But it appears that the page is now gone.


Anyway, basically the modified earclip/arm parts are glued to the headband, and the unmodified KSC75 driver with housing are snapped onto the modified earclips.  It sounds the same, but with a bit more bass.  Same as if you just used your hands to press some unmodified KSC75s onto your ears a bit.


I tried to show it in the pics, but I would have had to totally disassemble them again to show it clearly and I didn't feel like doing that.

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Is it still possible to take the KSC75 out of the headband they are in now? (To put them in another headband...)


Did you mod the KSC75 at all?

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They could be snapped out of the modified earclips if you wanted to try one of the headbands that they could snap into.  But you should realize that you could get a new set of KSC75's for a little less than these...

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