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I bought the national last month from them. I emailed several times and have always gotten a nice reply. Called them up and Caleb was great in the phone and explained well. I have always experienced great customer service from them.
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Yup! Excellent customer service! 

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Terrible customer service with ALO on my end. Bought a 400$ reference cable for my headphones and it's faulty with a short and they want 80$/hr technician to fix it. You'd think at 400$ for a cable they'd provide a lifetime warranty or hell even test there work correctly, it's pretty sad.

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that sucks you're having a hard time.
you bought it and it was faulty out of the box or you've had some time with it and over time something has gone wrong?

try provide some more information rather than just post how you're feeling about the experience, else it could be unfair bashing on a small business for all we know.
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I wanted to chime in on the experience I had with ALO.  I went to Portland and had the chance to visit the company personally. I felt rewarded not only with great service, but walked away a little more knowledgeable. And bought their top-of-the-line LOD. The guys that run the company are down to earth and their products are otherworldly. I feel positive that anyone else doing business with them would have the same feeling.

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I always rate ALO Customer service Excellent ! ! !
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