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Originally Posted by AndrewG View Post

It is no coincidence, OP, ALO has had the absolute worst customer service of any audio company I've ever dealt with. I posted about two terrible experiences, but Ken had it deleted.

Basically they told me to get lost when I sent my $500 official ALO HD800 wire to be re-terminated and needed new HD800 connectors. Accused me that it was not their product but DIY wire I sent them.

They then tried to back track by telling me it would cost them over the cost of the cable to add these connectors, which is a laugh.

Now I'm left with a $500 wire that is of no use to anything, and they couldn't care less.

So I will just say, based on my experiences, I do not recommend anybody deal with this company.

You're obviously only telling half the story at best. I know Ken personally, and he does not operate this way.  How did the deal REALLY go down?  Try telling the whole truth this time.


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I also find that story hard to believe with my experience from ALO...

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My first experience with them was very pleasant. I have not been able to get the pieces $$$ but all of my e-mails have been answered with quickness and politeness. I will say it seemed personal and helpful and theres a lot of good in that. I really think the spam blocker situation on all services has gotten rediculous. My own father can't send me e-mails from his business account because my service blocks them. He has changed IP's and servers so it seems legitamate to me. Just my 2 cents. By the way I will still be buying from them because the service appears to me to be very good I just need more extra cash lying around LOL. :-)

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I can only say that my experience with ALO was fast, courteous, and professional. I had a problem with the first SOLO I received, sent it back, and Ken sent a replacement unit which I received in less than a week (which works fine).

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My experience with ALO has been very good.

Danielle answered all of my e-mails within a couple hours and was very helpful.

When I placed my order, it took about a week till I had it in my hands. And I life in Germany!

So that's pretty fast. No complications whatsoever.



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I 've dealt with ALO on a few purchases, returns and replacements.  For any company, customer service is incredibly important, and some just don't get it. 


ALO gets it.

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Always had prompt responses from Ken through purchases and service issues.


They're the real deal and one of a handful of companies that deserve recognition (Moon Audio is another one).



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I just ordered a couple of stuff through their website. It is very hard-earned money by doing a lot of over time work. Should I be worried based on the mixed reviews here?

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thru the years I've ordered about a dozne cables of various sorts from Ken as well as the 5.5g iMod when he had it.  ALWAYS fantastic srvice and if something didn't work out like I wanted, returns and refunds were handled promptly and efficiently.


Sometimes he's quite busy as most small business owners often are.  Would recommend patience with him.  And previous poster was right: he and Moon Audio are nothin' but the best.

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Not only did Ken respond to me the next day, but also promptly sent it. Very happy with the service.

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My experience is not too good though, sent emails, sent comment forms, and i still have yet to receive a single reply. And i received my amp without the silicon bands which they missed out on my order, at first they claim it didn't come with it then i said, it's written right there on the product page (makes me think, they are not being very upright here).They apologised and agree to send it to me. It's been 2 weeks now and I still haven't receive anything or heard anything. For international customers like us, it is very frustrating when we can only rely on emails.

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I have had excellent service from ALO.  I had a problem with a charging circuit in my RX MkII and he was very helpful on the phone. The unit was replaced immediately by the dealer I purchased it from in Toronto before I even sent the defective unit back using ALOs Fedex account..  This was all done with Ken's personal involvement. I've purchased an Alo Continental, Audeze LCD2s and the RX MkII with no service issues at all.  Kudos to both ALO audio and the Headfone Shop in Toronto....


Oh and by the way the gear sounds fabulous.

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I've had great experiences with the customer service at ALO. My LOD gave up a couple weeks age after six months, and Ken offered to fix it right away. 

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This is an old thread come back but I recently had the strange experience of sending an email asking for advice on which amp to pair with my HD650...and never getting a reply! Kind of makes you feel like it was because I was asking about one of their lower priced amps...Maybe just got lost in the shuffle. 

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I had an iffy experience with Ken a couple of years ago. I had ordered something and he had said he would email me the tracking number when it shipped but never did. When I inquired about it, he got an attitude and said "What am I missing? Your tracking # is --------". 

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