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ALO Audio Customer Service...

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Has anyone else had a hard time with ALO Audio's customer service?


I have sent them 2 emails regarding some questions I have about the Solo and I have not received a single reply.



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Hmm, I've always gotten a reasonably quick response from ALO.  You might want to call them up; sometimes that gets you right through.


Also, it might be that your email is getting caught in a spam filter. You might try again with a different email account if you have one.


Hope you're able to get through. I've found them a great company to do business with.

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I have tried contacting both


Ken - Ken@ALOaudio.com






And I have not had a reply. The first email was sent almost 2 weeks ago.



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ALO phone number from their web site:


TELEPHONE ! While I am available to take calls I am usually filling your orders and building cables. Please use the email route first if possible. However if you have a question that can not be resolved via email about an order or product please call me at 503-828-0968. PLEASE leave a message and phone number because it is sometimes very hard for me to answer the phone. I will call you back as soon as possible.

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ALO answered my emails right away and had fine customer service with me.

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Had the same problem. I contacted 2 different e-mails and never gotten a response there.

I would recommend contacting Danielle. She usually replies within 24h and is very helpful.



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I will try contacting Danielle.



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I wouldn't be surprised if your email went to a junk folder, as I too have had great (fast) response times and excellent customer service.

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As of today I've sent four emails in the last week, with no reply. 

You would think that companies like ALO would make an effort to retain customers. One shouldn't have to chase a company in order to spend money on their products. After a while you just say what's the point and go elsewhere.

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I agree with you 100%. I have also sent out 4 emails with one of them addressed directly to Danielle. I contacted them to find out some additional info regarding the Solo. If they are not getting back to me regarding pre-purchase product information, imagine the frustration if you had a FAULTY product???????? NO THANK YOU!!!  

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 I emailed Danielle. She got back to me within an hour.


So in future I will email her or all addresses at the same time. She suggested I call. I tried that with my last purchase... answer phone.


Calling international just to leave a message is soooo much fun.

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I also just received and email from Danielle. She answered my question. Not too bad it only took 3 and a half weeks.

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Hi everyone, Danielle from ALO here. I just want to extend an apology to those who have been lost in the shuffle of e-mails, and explain how we've recently simplified the process so that you will be better served in the future. 


We just introduced our new website last week, and one of the major changes to the platform is our e-mail contact form. On our previous website, we had a number of e-mail addresses (five total) that were moderated by myself, Ken, and Valivann. Three of these e-mail addresses were forwarding directly to Ken's main inbox. We were experiencing many issues caused not only by spam filtering, but by repeat e-mails that were sent to one or all of us, making it confusing as to who had been answered and when. To clear up the confusion of multiple e-mails getting lost due to them being sent to multiple people, we now have a single contact form that submits your query to our main account. We allow you to choose only one department to send the e-mail to so that we can better track each point of contact, rather than having multiple contacts across e-mail accounts and moderators. For this reason, we ask that you please no longer use the "@aloaudio.com" or "@gmail.com" e-mail addresses to establish contact. We are trying to inform people of this change to make the process go as smoothly as possible.  


That said, please feel free to use the contact page on our website to reach us, and if you do not receive a response within 48 hours, give us a call at the 32 Ohm Audio retail store, or contact me directly at danielle@aloaudio.com.  We appreciate your support and patience as we try to serve you better. Only a handful of people (literally, five) are behind ALO Audio, so we understand the importance of customer relations. You all are the reason we get to do what we love and bring awesome new gear into the world, and we will always try our best to keep you happy! 




ALO Audio


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Originally Posted by sperandeo View Post

Has anyone else had a hard time with ALO Audio's customer service?


I have sent them 2 emails regarding some questions I have about the Solo and I have not received a single reply.



I have had some of the best buying experiences from ALO. I bought one of those NOS portable CD players and Ken changed it no questions asked because it stopped working. So I am sure they have a valid excuse for not answering immediately.


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It is no coincidence, OP, ALO has had the absolute worst customer service of any audio company I've ever dealt with. I posted about two terrible experiences, but Ken had it deleted.

Basically they told me to get lost when I sent my $500 official ALO HD800 wire to be re-terminated and needed new HD800 connectors. Accused me that it was not their product but DIY wire I sent them.

They then tried to back track by telling me it would cost them over the cost of the cable to add these connectors, which is a laugh.

Now I'm left with a $500 wire that is of no use to anything, and they couldn't care less.

So I will just say, based on my experiences, I do not recommend anybody deal with this company.

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