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Schiit DACs (Bifrost and Gungnir down, one to go)? The information and anticipation thread. - Page 101

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Yes it is - but I'm determined not to let my professional life leak into my hobby (read relaxation) wink_face.gif


I already made a few posts in Sound Science, but on balance that is a place I should avoid.

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I don't want to introduce a 2nd new variable.


Yep, can certainly understand that.  Ain't it grand when you can make a little research project out of one of life's pleasures?  :-)


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Cheers olor1n! This is certainly what I'm aiming for. Achieving it may be less easy!

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Finally, a measured approach! Looking forwarded to reading how your impressions develop AD.


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I appreciate the difficulty. There were many instances in the 10SE thread where I deleted long winded passages filled with superlatives, or simply chose not to post to ensure a balanced impression. I'm certain I failed miserably regardless. wink.gif

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Thank God its arrived,  love what you have written.


I'm hanging out in ten days for you update and hopfully more comparisions on the EE mini max!


Dont let me down, pleeeese!!!!



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Hope all those who have got their Bifrosts are enjoying them a lot. I'm hoping the great guys at Schiit can clear up the backlog asap so they can take a well deserved break... and then start working on the baalnced stuff :)

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You most certainly did not! I greatly appreciated your careful and informative observations. Heck, I nearly ordered a 10SE right then and there - and maybe I will one day beerchug.gif



@ecohifi - lol I won't let you down. Comparisons with the minimax will certainly be a large part of it!



Right, back to work...

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 I'm certain I failed miserably regardless. wink.gif


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You most certainly did not! I greatly appreciated your careful and informative observations. Heck, I nearly ordered a 10SE right


I was seriously considering the Audio gd 10SE if thats what your referring,  Excellent value for $499US but I didn't think that the WM chips will be as detailed as the EE mini max or the Bifrost!  So committed on the EE mini max +. 


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I don't feel the dual wm8741 lack in detail in Audio-GD's implementation of it in the 10SE. Any compromise though would be justified in the price you pay and the fact it's a fully balanced setup (dac and amp). I'd love to compare the 10SE to a Lyr/Bifrost combo. At the moment, the Lyr is a bit redundant in my setup.

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Ok. I received my bifrost 


When you're doing comparisons against the Stagedac, will you use its crossfeed and tonal balance? I've gotten so used to those features, they make almost everything sound better, there's clearly a difference when I turn them off. I prefer max delay, low intensity, and max tonal balance.


Just thinking that it might be more "fair" to the Bifrost if you leave them off on the Stagedac.

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What are your preferences set to on A+? I'm using the last release of the free version and was crippled by CPU overloads until I realized I had integer mode on. Once I took that off, it's been great. I only has able to get about 50 hours of run in before I had to leave for the week but the Bitfrost has really opened up.
I can't wait to get back home. biggrin.gif


Go ahead and try A+, I think it's fixed some problems some folks were having with CPU overload signals.  Re integer, if you're now running Lion don't bother setting it.  Apple changed the driver in Lion and no player will run in integer mode on the new OS.


If anyone's looking for more Audirvana Plus discussion I'd suggest another thread here, on Computer Audiophile, or at the forums on the Audirvana web site, rather than hijack this thread any further.


Happy listening to the Bifrost.

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To burn-in the DAC, should the amp be connected and powered on?  Or is it sufficient that the DAC is just actively engaged in converting bits?


Jason has confirmed that my version of the Bifrost indeed suffers from an excessive amount of transformer hum and is shipping a replacement unit.  As far as I can see, my unit had an isolated problem and other folks shouldn't worry about it.  Anyway, my initial impression did not allow for burn-in as I was anxious to get the replacement.  With the new unit expected tomorrow, I'm anxious to allow the DAC to properly burn-in this time and would appreciate some guidance re: powering up the amp.


BTW, Jason was not able to duplicate my issue with the USB drivers.  The Bifrost USB card was functional on their test systems but did not work with the 5 systems I tried here.  Likely I have a conflicting driver installed, but rather than mess with all that Schiit kindly offered to allow me to downgrade my DAC to the non-USB version.


Thank you, Jason and Co,, for stellar customer support and making it perfectly acceptable to say that you got <duck> Schiity service </duck>.

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 100 hours:


Having a DAC for the first time that will play higher res material, I ripped some 24/96 songs from a couple of DVD-A discs, Steely Dan's Gaucho and the Beatles Love (the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack produced from Beatles songs and alternate takes by George Martin and his son).  The title track from Gaucho was great, Fagen's voice whipcracking in all the parts where he's being irritated.  ("You're a nasty schoolboy with no place to go.  Try again tomorrow.")  George's vocals were beautiful on a couple of my favorite tracks from Love, an alternate take of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and of course Here Comes the Sun.


Then I put on Track 13, an alternate mostly acoustic take of Strawberry Fields Forever.  And that voice - that voice - came from my speakers, the voice that's never had an equal, clearer and purer than I'd ever heard it before, John Winston Ono Lennon singing in my family room.  I couldn't have sat there more slack-jawed if someone had clubbed me between the eyes with a two-by-four.


And that is why we spend our money and play obsessively with metal boxes and tubes and wires, sit in semi-darkened rooms alone when we could be having a beer and chatting up some girl - for moments like these.

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considering my system tilts towards rounded, the bifrost will more than likely not be very up front for me.


Both the Lyr and LCD-2's are far from treble focused.  I guess with the right tubes you can shift the focus on the lyr as well but thats a diff story since I am using the GE tubes.




Funny note, going back to a sound card after using an outboard dac for so long is like going from a Rolls Royce to a broken down jalopy that can't be fixed.

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Thanks Judmark for the heads-up on Audirvana Plus. I've been using Audirvana for ages because nothing quite compared. The "Plus" does sound better! Happy to pay the $49. It's a steal.


Ordered my Bifrost (non-USB) this weekend and got the ship notice Monday. I'm in CA so it will be here tomorrow. Currently using an Apogee Duet (firewire) so it will have a tough act to follow. 


Current system: MacPro/ALAC (usually)/Audirvana>Duet>Lyr>LCD2 (rev2) or PS1000

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This Schiit is seriously good! ^_^



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