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Custom IEMs in the UK

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Well, i've reached one of those defining moments in money spending where i have to hold back from becoming a fully fledged upgradaholic for my own sake... 

I'm selling all my headphones as i'm now in a position where i can listen to my sound system at will.


Unfortunately I have realised that i have no music when i'm outside. I've done the i'm wearing over-ears in public and over the ears can be fashionable but realistically for the sound quality and more importantly just down right convenience i need some decent IEMs.


As i don't want to loose the money i've gained back from selling i'm only looking to spend around £400-£500 which leaves me somewhere between universal and custom. My other issue is if i can actually get my hands on any customs without having to pay ridiculous prices or waiting for large periods. 


So the question is... Can i get some decent custom IEMs from the UK and which one should i be purchasing for the price tag? Can a single/2way custom take the place of a 3 way universal?



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ACS T2 come highly recommended here and they are UK based, with a network of audiologists. Does hit bang in your price range also. Way above decent.


Looks like you can get them cheaper here :

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this website is unavaileble

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Hrmm, we'll get them to check it out.


In the mean time, UM products are easily accessible through any of our international dealers (we do have one in the UK, though it seems they are...offline temporarily)

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Check my signature. Minerva Hearing Protection custom IEM's.

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I have Westone 4's (Quad Armature) and also 6 Armature Customs (Unique Melody). Westone have put all they know into the 4's and it shows, they are what I reach for 90% of the time.


I got mine next day delivery from The Headphone Company (Part of AMP3)


Best of luck with your choice :)

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Thanks for mention SpudH, although for people reading this we're not part of AMP3.


We are however able to help anyone that wants Custom IEMs in the UK, we are dealers for most of the global brands!

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