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I should have known better. Considering the type of can being discussed, I should have expected such a simplistic response. Listen, if you like your cheap phones, that's just fine ! Seriously, it's what makes the world go around. But keep your perspective. How many times have you read someone's overly positive opinion on their newest purchase ? It's O.K. to be overly fond of your old dated whatever ...  But, that needs to be tempered with reality.

If you like something, don't over sell it. It makes all comments somewhat suspicious if everything you talk about is the "Best such and such ever ... " 

You can do better . 

I wasn't overstating the K/6x, never did I say it was the "best such and such ever".


 It hits right around the level of the ATH-M50 (but an entirely different sound signature). The K/6x Plus has nicer treble and more control, with a deeper low end that's not as emphasized as the M50. It's more balanced than the M50 and works fairly well with most genres. Shortcomings are worse comfort, a cable that's way too long, meh soundstage, and a slight harshness in the upper midsection. They have a modest appearance, are very light, and as most people have clarified here, are practically indestructible despite their skeletal design. 


It's a decent headphone that deserves a little love.


EDIT: Figured out that the "tin-can" veiling is caused when you don't get a seal on your head. The struts on this can are fixed, so getting a seal can be hard. It's a design flaw. When these seal, they sound like I described above.

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