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Help in choosing IEM

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Hi Im a newbie when it comes to audio related things.

I would just like to ask you guys what iem would you recommend to me

That would be my very first IEM :)


Preferred genre:




Contry Songs

Some hiphop :)

Slow songs..


Not really a basshead but i prefer my iem to be balanced

with wide soundstage

btw my ears are small.


Others adviced me these IEMS:


EarSonics SM3

UE Triplefi 10

Westone um3x

Ortofon EQ7


My temporary DAP would be my Itouch 4th Gen since im just starting.


Hoping for your help guys! :D Thanks!


[ I prefer my first IEM to be one of the top tier IEMs out there up to 320$]

[320$ for second hand top tier iems and ofcourse brand new if there are cheap ones]

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e-Q7 are among most balanced IEMs I have ever heard, but this may not fit in your small ears as the nozzle measures  about the size of AAA battery. I recommend trying to get the battery up your ear and see how it fits.

Another substitution to e-Q7 is Heaven A1 (FI-Ba-A1)

This perform similar to eQ7 but may fit your small ears better due to smaller dimensions.


SM3 are among top tiers and are highly regarded among among audiophiles on headfi.

One can get a used pair on FS thread for around 300 or so.

UM3x is similar to SM3 in price and performance.  Read multiple reviews and comparison Threads on both SM3 and UM3X.





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