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Free to a Good Home: Denon AHC260 In Ear Headphones (Freebie givaway)

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Free to a Good Home:
Denon AHC260 In Ear Headphones (Freebie givaway)

Will Ship To: Anywhere




I've decided to give these away free to anyone that genuinely needs a pair of earphones, they are boxed as new and come in the colour silver.


If your interested in winnning let me know in this thread "why you think you deserve them" will notify the winner this time tomorrow.


The only stipulation is whoever wins pays the shipping costs, open worldwide.




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I dont deserve them, but just posting to say nice job for your gererosity

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I deserved them because I'm a full time college student who needs decent IEM for studying who  listens to music to study and it also lets me separate the world for a little while.

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i deserve them because i'm a full time student living in the middle of knowhere in portugal who goes and works 4 hours on saturdays, cutting grass and general gardening just to get a little bit of money. I need some IEM's for my 2 hour bus journey to school each morning to block out noisey students.
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I think I deserve them cause I gave away my Ksc -75 and Hd 238 for free to my cousins and the px100 to a friend all because they dint have good headphones and dint know anything abt it....

 i only wanted to get them into the real music world rather than sticking with the apple ear buds...

Now am looking for an in ear and I dont really have a clue abt it.... am hoping to start the in-ear phone hunt with this one.... it wil probably go free to another one of my friends if i dont like it in the first 2 hours....




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Keep 'em coming people, i'll notify the winner tomorrow morning around 10am GMT.


Shipping cost will be as follows UK 3GBP, EU 3,50GBP, Worldwide 4GBP.


Shipping payment via Paypal gift only.



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I wasn't going to post but I see it's the silver color, I will attempt to win!
I don't deserve them at all, but I want to post for my girlfriend who I figure will appreciate them the most.

She is in uni, and recently passed my little test of basic knowledge of audio (transcoding/bit rates/drivers/transparency) to win a date to a "chic" (expensive blink.gif) cafe she wanted to go to. Pretty proud of her tbh, knows more about audio from my test than most of my friends. biggrin.gif

I'm most certain she would love them, and I'd like to win it for her.



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I believe I deserve to win as I will re-do the gesture of giving them away. Allow me to explain:

My brother is a student suffering from asperger syndrome, which makes him unable to have a job at this point of his life, and it also makes it hard for him to keep up with school at times. The money he can actually get from the city doesn't cover his rent and bills, let alone things he can enjoy, and my mother is forced to chip in each month. Just the other day we were talking about headphones, and his wish to own a pair of IEM's for both school and home listening. "What's your budget?" I asked him. His answer? "Well, I've been looking at the UE700's ($150 directly from UE), but that won't be for a very long time."




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Hmmm....tough to compete with the one above, but I'll shamelessly give myself a plug.


I'm being forced, so to speak, to sell my Leben to pay the taxman $1,400.  My accountant gave me poor advice last year and now I'm selling my beloved amp that I use daily.  Might help soften the blow to get a new toy.  I've never really had a chance to try a good pair of in-ears. 


Thanks and yes, it's definitely cool what you're doing.  Good human beings out there. 


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I think I deserve them because I gave away the laptop I was gonna sell to buy new headphones to a freind for free. I also use my money to buy my friends lunch and upgrade our minecraft server. I dont want to bring my grados to school because the school isnt a great one and they would probably get stolen.


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I don't know if I deserve them, but I'm off to Afghanistan on my first tour with 2 Para in just over 3 weeks time and I really need to get/buy a new set of decent earphones as I've been told if you don't block the sounds out on your down time, you will go loopy (I'm already half way there as it is!).


It would be great to get them for free as we don't get paid as much as some people seem to think we do!


If I don't win, can anyone tell me if these are a decent pair of earphones to use with my iPod Classic?


Good luck to everyone else.


Cheers Wozza.


p.s. I'll give you £10 for the postage so you can give the rest to charity.

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30 mins time i'll declare the winner.

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another reason, i still owe my friend 56 euros for the cmoy i bought, so no money for headphones at the moment, i really need some IEM's to block out sound when im working, and to block out nasty comments people say because i'm different and go to school in a ver isolated place, so the kids always make fun of me.
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good luck to everyone, i think its very good what your doing.
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After careful consideration, I declare "randomkid" the winner.

I will PM you with the details on how to pay the shipping cost.



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