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how to get rid of smell?

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Well, one day I felt sick, so I had my heating pad on my bed. Then like I always do, I left it on for few days... well my jean and memory foam pillow got burnt, and it smoked whole room and left nasty rubber burnt smell on my cloth. It's been a week now and smells are gone on most of my cloth... but the smell won't go away on my westone 3... and it still smells like it did on the first day...

I tried hand washing it and left it on shampooed water for a day but neither worked.

Does any of you have this experience??? and got rid of it???

Please... I really need to get rid of this.. I hate carrying around my xb700.... I am not that brave...

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See if there's an ozone chamber nearby. Many colleges and universities have them and also look for places that do fire recovery services.

Ozone is very good at removing the smell of smoke.
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other "home remedies"...

- hang them above a jar of vinegar

- put them in a bag with coffee grounds (wrap the grounds in a cloth or filter first obviously)

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Spray deo on it.
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Did you try burying it in baking soda yet? That usually works to remove odd smells. I am assuming that you are referring to the tips on it right? I don't think plastic picks up smells.


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try to spray deo on it. This could help to get rid of the smell and make you feel more accurate, as if you used some more deo-spray as for yourself :) I've done like this the first days of using some new phones (don't remember the model), that had really hiorrible smelling stock cord...

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Thank you guys.. some great ideas...

deo didn't work..

not the tip.. the whole cable... I think that's why the smell won't go away easily... I bought bunch of new tips already because of the smell... and hope time would solve the problem for cable part.. but...

will try coffee, baking soda and vinegar thing first... hope that works.... if nothing works than on to the ozone chamber??? if that doesn't then into the washing machine....!!

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