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Monster turbine gold fake or real?

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Hi its my first time making a thread. Anyways couple of days ago i bought a monster turbine gold from ebay and i have gotten the package today. It was new and in shrinkwrap with the sticker saying it includes supertips. When i opened it up the stuff that was included was as same as on the side of the box. The box contained 4 pairs of silicon eartips 2 pairs of single flang, 2 pairs of triple flang, clip, 2 pouches, headphones and no supertips.  So i checked unboxing of other people monster turbine gold on youtube. The accessories and such that was included in their mtpg was different from my in so including much more eartips and 1/4" adapter etc. Being skeptical i used the iem to listen to some song on my dell xps L501. The music i listened to was Akon's "No label" album. There was alot of bass compared to the RE0 and UE trip fi 10 that i have but still a fast bass response. The clarity was no bad and so was the mid. The headphones seems good enough to be real but the content in the box does not match up with pictures on amazon and unboxing of videos.


So i messaged the seller about it he said he bought it at a mall early last year and that it is because its a early batch it might not contain those as pictured on amazon and such. So im wondering if i got fake or not and is what the seller said about the mtpg being a early batch be true? The box says its 2009 monster llc. I can also feel the lettering on the outside box. I hope that people of head-fi can give me an insight on this. I will also post some picture after i find my camera. Thank you.

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If you give us the link to your auction that might help.  There are also some threads/sites around that have pictures of reals and fakes that you can compare yours to, I'm sure a quick google search should turn something up.

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Sorry here is the link to the auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&rt=nc&nma=true&item=110663435974&si=BEDItlKiyzb6tNDckRFIUhPrX%252FQ%253D&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME%3AX%3ARTQ%3AUS%3A1123

Also i have looked but all i found is for copper edition non for the gold.

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Wow assuming they are real, you got a great deal. I woulda never trusted a seller with 3 feedbacks with only 1 picture and no warranty from monster but you gamble and sometimes it pays off.


I am awaiting my MTPG's from amazon btw.


There's a huge thread here about a comparison between real and fake turbine pros with side by side photos. Someone will probably post that link.

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was the hang-tab also underneath shrinkwrap? or was it exposed so it could be hung from a retail rack?

also, fakes have a flat, recessed mesh on the speaker tip; where genuine ones have mesh that bubbles out.

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the hand-tab was underneath the shrinkwrap. Mhmm and it seems the speaker grill is flat and is not bubbled out, is that true for all monster iems? well if it is a fake sound pretty good for a fake. 

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yea i am waiting for a second one i ordered from amazon as well. my sister wanted one so i bought mine from ebay. The only reason i took a dive it because the seller was close and in the US if it was hong kong or something i would not have. Also if it was a fake i could always start a dispute.

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sorry to be the news bearer, but you got some fakes buddy.

bring it up to ebay through a dispute. dont tell the seller, otherwise hey may stall until he can flake with your money; ebay makes you wait ~21 days, or positive feedback from buyer before you can cash out(if they dont have the rep). rest easy, ebay's got your back

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ah thanks i guess i will start the dispute tonight. thanks. Its amazing how good of a fake this is then lollz since it sounded pretty darn good. Guess i have to wait for amazon to get back in stock. is $153 a good price?

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if you dont mind me asking, what did they go for @ amazon?

people who typically buy theirs from onecall.com negotiate a price. you should be able to score a new one for ~180 shipped if you call them. they are a registered partner, so it carries the full lifetime warranty

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the amazon price right now is $153 but it is out of stock but you can still order.

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Wow, thats outstanding! I may have to pick one up to complete the collection, lol

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yup. whats a good price for the copper edition?

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Use that link to compare


Are you sure about the mesh thing? I bought Coppers about a year ago they sound like Coppers but have no bubbled mesh as seen in this photo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/zedd_01/4984483191/in/set-72157624943782258/

I am starting to doubt my purchase, but I am also quite confident my MTPC are real. Other than the mesh, my boxing, packaging, cuts in the earbud themselves, and jack adapter are all identical seen as in the "real" photos. I also bought from BuyAuthorized(http://cgi.ebay.com/MONSTER-TURBINE-PRO-IN-EAR-EARPHONES-COPPER-EDITION-/230596107240?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item35b0995be8#ht_2199wt_910) a reputable Ebay dealer with 100% positive feedback. The dealer offers the Monster Lifetime Warranty as well. How can I prove if these are real or fake?

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A real easy way to tell imo, is comparing the slits on the end of the iem. The real ones run deeper and becomes really obvious when you pay attention to the difference to the fake ones.
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