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IEM speaker losing volume

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So, this has happened to me twice now.  The volume of the right side  starts losing volume.  You can definitely tell when this happens as It is almost instantaneous.  I am allowed to wear headphones at work, at lower volumes, but it is never low enough to understand what people are saying, therefore, I am constantly taking out the right ear IEM to hear what people are saying.  I guess i'm asking why this is actually happening (electronically, please do not state what I just stated above) and what I might be able to do to keep it from happening (also please do not state the obvious). Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it? Or did you just find a well built IEM that It doesn't happen with. BTW, The iems that this has happened with have been the RE-zero and Monster turbines. Thanks for any input you guys might have.

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I just had that experience with my fx700s and it's in the overall volume, not just one side. Ever since I had them, for a few months now, I've listened to them at the same volume consistently, and now I'm having to increase the volume by one notch. Even though that seems minor it's a noticeable difference to my ears that I have to adjust it to get the same impact. I'm not sure if it's me or if it's changes in the IEM or the way I've handled them--the worst I've done was when I set them down once and it hit the surface kind of hard, but didn't drop them or anything like that.


This is my 1st high end IEM, so I don't know if that's normal burn in or what, but it worries me.

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Actually, it's not the overall volume for me, it is just the 1 side.  I can tell as i take 1 side out and put the other in.  There is definitely a volume difference between the 2.


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i had the same happening with my UE700s. Only one solution, really...send them back and have them replaced or get your money back!

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Yeah, that's what I've been doing, but I'll only be able to do that for so long.  Thanks for the 2 cents.


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the next step for me would be to change brands. if they can't deliver quality, they don't deserve your money imho!

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this happened to my SM3, sent them back for replacement

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