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I need some new cans :)

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I sold my SR-80s a few months ago, and I've been using my turtlebeach gaming headset for music, I listen to alot of progressive metal like.. Between the Buried and Me, Burst, The Human Abstract, I also listen to Tool, Rishloo too... I need something that is good for metal, I also listen to rap and hip-hop so I want cans that have good bass.. I loved my SR80s but the bass was lacking.. My limit is around ~$150..


I was looking at the SR325s for $300, Would these be worth saving up for? How are they with metal and how is the bass on these cans? I might save up for them but for now my limit is ~ $150, Thanks

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I really can't recommend going with a SR325i.  It's been my experience, and that of others as well, that diminishing returns gets really brutal as you go up the Grado line. 


Take a long look at Bilavideos SR60 mod thread here. It may be worth it to look at getting another SR80 (or SR60) and modding them some. I think the Alessandro MS1 is less fatiguing and has better bass than the SR60 so you may want to look into it too (never compared mine to a SR80).


If you are looking to get something different all-together, check out LFFs review of the Fischer FA-011 here.

I don't know anything about that phone personally but the description of it makes me very curious especially when I read things like "low price".  But retailers carrying them seem to be scarce atm.


Good luck.

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