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For Sale: (10% off sale on remaining stock!) Matt's Big For Sale Thread - Remaining: CK100, 2Move (everything else sold)

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For Sale:
(10% off sale on remaining stock!) Matt's Big For Sale Thread - Remaining: CK100, 2Move (everything else sold)

Will Ship To: Anywhere



This is a liquidation of many of my earphones after I finished my review.  I tend to repeat this from time to time, buying a bunch, trying and reviewing, and keeping what I like best.  The rest go up for sale.  This one of those sales.




Pricing is listed below for each earphone. 


My method is the price is firm if I do not specifically indicate OBO.  I will simply say no if you ask for a better price. 


The only time I change pricing is if the market forces it (ex. $99 Triple.Fi 10 deal xmas over a year ago, my $250 Triple.Fi 10 sale went to bunk), or if I have held onto the item for a length of time (typically months) with no takers and I simply want to get rid of it.  I do not make money on my sales.  I personally look for good deals when I buy these products and in turn share those deals when it's time to sell.  The pricing should be reasonable or I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.  The market does vary though, and I accept that.  Some pricing is geared to suit that, ex. RE262 $149 pre-order.  I paid a little more from another member, but I intend to sell at the same $149 shipped price.




Pricing does not include shipping.  Expect shipping charges to be in the $10 to $15 range, insured.  I normally use USPS.  I also normally insure the shipment for the value sold.  If you want to save some money, I can forgo the insurance and this may save $3-$5, but if the shipment is lost/damaged you are out of luck.  I will not reimburse the item.  This is simply the risk you place on your side of the transaction by forgoing insurance.  I find insuring makes less hassles. 


I WILL ship internationally.  I still use USPS to ship as they are by far the cheapest.  Anywhere in the world, I don't care.  Expect shipping prices to be higher, normally not a lot but maybe $5 to $10.  Again, I try to insure the item being shipped.  Insurance prices vary from country to country.  Some countries do not allow insurance through USPS.  I suggest shipping Express international as it offers more detailed tracking and quicker shipment, but you do pay $10 to $15 more.  I can still do more standard methods cheaper.


Shipping estimates are pretty accurate online.  The USPS site allows estimated shipping anywhere in the world if you're curious how much it will cost.  My address: USA, zipcode 56001 if you want to see how much it is to your end.  I can check too if you want me to do the work, but I will need your country and possibly postal code to do so.




This has been brought up a couple times, so I figure I'll add in this section.  Right now, I am not looking for much of anything.  There simply are not many earphones of interest out there for me.  I've tried most of the good ones already, and some that do interest me are either hard to get or not out yet (ex. SA7, PFE 232).


Do I have interest in something that you have?  Maybe but more than likely not.  Full sized headphones: I have no interest in.  Sorry, I like the compact format of buds and IEMs.  IEMs of interest?  Pretty much the only one out there that fancies me is the VSONIC GR07.  That's pretty much it at this time.  After using a lot of products, I've become a bit more picky.  I know what I like and only seek things that sound like they'd fit me.  The GR07 is one of the few that sound like they fit my tastes well but I have yet to purchase/try.  That's pretty much the only trade I'm interested in at this time.


So yeah, if you have a GR07 that you feel like selling and see something you like here, I'm open to trades.  Everything else, not so much.  Sorry.




I clean everything with isopropyl alcohol prior to boxing and shipping.  All tips are cleaned and the earphones are wiped down.  I attempt to give you the products in something close to a like new state if possible.  It isn't always possible, but I try to make things as clean and sanitary as I can for you.





I bought this used from another member.  As far as I'm aware I am the 3rd owner of this CK100 set.  The CK100 is in 100% working condition but has some minor scratching on the metal housing (like that when i got it) and comes with the original box, tips, wipe cloth, and documentation.  The only thing this does not come with is the carrying pouch.  The owner I purchased it from didn't even get it from the person he purchased it from.


Price: was $320, now $290



SOLD-- I bought this used from another member.  I am the second owner as far as I'm aware.  The HJE900 is in 100% working order and looks as good as new.  It comes with the original box but the previous owner hacked up the plastic insert and only provided the little cubby part of that insert that held the accessories.  As far as I'm aware, everything is included that came with the HJE900 originally.  The original box is pretty beat up but still there at least.


Price: --SOLD



SOLD-- I bought this used from another member.  I assume I am the 2nd owner of this product.  The UM3X is in 100% working condition and looks like new.  It comes with the original packaging,documentation, and accessories.  It has rubber tips and two sets of the short Comply tips.  Both tips are quite yellowed but otherwise clean.  I attempted to improve them by thoroughly cleaning them with both rubbing alcohol and H2O2, but nothing changed despite some forum member's claims that this should get them white again.  Use them or don't, your discretion.  I never used them myself, but they're cleaner than when I got them.  The previous owner did NOT include the long Comply tips, so I don't have those.  The box is roughed up a little bit with a tab torn.  That's pretty much it.


Price: --SOLD


Custom 3:,

SOLD-- I bought this new on eBay back when they were still abundant.  I unfortunately have openned these up:


They still work great though and snap back together.  The snaps on one earpiece is broken though, so the casing sits loose.  Really, they should have been reglued shut after doing this, but I didn't care personally.  It doesn't affect how they work, and the Custom 3 is more so a doner for custom molds rather than their own product due to the terrible cord Klipsch used.  The cord comes to you brand new kinked already, and it never gets better.  It just gets worse, and the cloth casing pinches the wire in a permanent kink..  The only fix is to cut the cloth in that area, and I have had to do this in one spot already.  Really the cloth can be completely removed if you so desire, and you end up with a thin rubber cased wire which works on its own.  The better route is a complete replacement down the road which isn't really trouble if you can solder and more commonly the switch to custom molds instead which pretty much makes them the cheapest dual driver customs on the market.  I am selling these as-is, 100% working but opened and effectively damaged.  This does come with the original box, all the accessories, tips, documentation, everything.


Price: --SOLD


Triple.Fi 10:

SOLD-- I bought this new on eBay as what I guess is considered a "white box" item.  It came as the earphone, all accessories short the carrying case, but no retail box.  This was the newer version of the set with the built in mic.  This earphone is in 100% working order and looks like new.  The tips included small, medium, large silicon tips, and two Comply tips, although I only later noticed I got jipped slightly.  The shipped one large and an extra medium instead of the second large.  Boo!.  In this sale I am shipping the small, two mediums, the one medium and large, two short Comply tips, two long Comply tips.  As for accessories, the package includes the miced to non-miced cable, airline cable, and cleaning tool.  The accessories as a whole is everything minus the carrying case which didn't come with the white box package.  The pics show what you're getting, although I forgot about the airplane adapter till later.


Pricing: --SOLD



SOLD-- I bought this used from another member.  I think I am the second owner, but I'm not sure.  The earphone is in 100% working order.  Physical condition is what is to be expected of this earphone.  The gummy does not hold the silk screened "Hifiman" name well, and this wears off relatively quickly over time.  It just happens with all of them and was simply a poor design choice.  That's the only physical blemish on the earphone.  I have trimmed the manufacturing rib on the gummy part and sanded the edges some to improve comfort.  These little things tend to annoy some if you don't do it.  The gummy can be trimmed and shaped to your liking or even largely or completely removed.  I kept things minimal personally as I actually like the secure fit of this format despite the fitment hassle trying to fit gummy + tip into the ear.  All the original packaging and accessories are included.  I have only used up one of the stick on wax guards due to trying out the foam mod with this earphone.  Personal suggestion: keep the foam in.


Pricing: --SOLD



SOLD-- I bought these off another member when it got it as part of his HM602 preorder.  He barely used it, and didn't suit his preference.  This earphone is in 100% working order and looks like new.  It did not come with a box but did come with accessories like the other RE earphones.  I have used one set of the wax guards trying the foam mod.  I accidentally lost one of the foam inserts and have yet to find it.  Frankly, you're better off without it as this earphone is already mid-centric even without the foam.  However, i did include the one foam piece with this sale.  If I happen to run across the other foam insert later on, I will ship it to you for free.  At this time, I think it's lost and gone though.  In terms of frequency response and presentation, there is little point to having the foam in anyways.


Pricing: --SOLD



I bought this used off another member.  The earphone is in 100% working condition and looks like new.  It comes with the original box and all accessories.  The box, oddly, is labeled for the RE0.  This is how I got it from the previous owner.  I had little to complain about since all the boxes and accessories across the RE line is the same minutes the paper insert with product specific text.  It IS the RE-ZERO, I've owned both. :p  Two of the wax guards are used up, one by the previous owner, one by me toying with the foam mod.  Suggestion: you may like the RE-ZERO with the foam removed.  The top end is pleasant enough to do so so, but I suggest trying both ways and seeing what you like.  If you are careful removing the was guard, you can prevent damage and can reuse it after toying with the foam.


Pricing: --SOLD



I bought this used of another member a long time back.  I think I am the second owner and have been for 3 years.  It is in 100% working condition and still looks very much like new.  The previous owner put cloth pads on the bottom of the amp (one half of velcro) I assume to stick it to his portable player.  I've never felt it necessary to remove them.  I never received the original packaging from the previous owner.  I got the 2Move, a male-to-male plug, and a very nice upgraded USB cord that you can see in the pic.  My understanding is that these never came with a transformer despite having a power jack for one.  I think the idea was you just bought a universal one or had one already from some other thing.  I don't know.  It does power off the USB, so the power jack is pointless.  It also runs off a 9V battery if you so desire.  I've never run it off a battery.  One problem, although it's common to the Meier amps.  The volume control has a moderate amount of static when adjusting, and left-right volume varies.  Unfortunately, this is common among these amps.  The volume control works but many hate it for these reasons.  It's a great amp, very well priced on the used market, but the volume knob is not great and unfortunately used on a number of the Meier amps from the comments I've read.  It's a shame, but you live with it easy enough.  The DAC is great.  The amping offers an excellent amount of power.  It's just the silly volume control that short-changes the product.  And no, this isn't why I'm selling it.  I've lived with the volume knob for 3 years.  It's not terrible, but it's something you'll immediately notice and think "this is stupid on a device like this."  You buy a DAC/amp for audio quality, not continuous volume adjustment.  As for why I'm stepping away from the 2Move, I've just started using a PC based product with other software features I'm interested in.  Since, the 2Move has just sort of sat there doing nothing just a little too often to keep.  I don't amp a portable rig, so I have no other use for it.


Pricing: was $180, now $160

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The HJE900 is paid for and sold.


I'll keep you guys updated as things get snatched up.

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The RE262 is paid for and sold.

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are the UM3X removable cable or non-removable?

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The non-removable.

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How much shipping for the triple.fi's to Canada?


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First Class Registered is the most affordable way to ship to Canada which still offering a protected shipment.  This is $16.50.

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Since there was some inquiry, I've added a Trades section.  It's pretty straight forward.  I'm not really looking for anything right now.  The only interest I have at this time is VSONIC's GR07, and that's pretty much the only thing out right now that I haven't used plus have a particular interest in.  If you ask about trades for anything else, I will more than likely decline unless it's something seriously worth trying out and priced to move.  I just can't say what that might be where I'd have a particular interest in that device.

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The RE-Zero is now paid for and sold.

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Custom 3 is paid for and sold.


Triple.Fi 10 is pending.

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someone should get the RE-252 asap


Imho , this is as good as the RE-262 and at 130$ the price is really great


I have both 252/262 and catch myself using the 252 way more often.

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It's hard not to like the balance.  They both offer their talents, high dynamics of the RE-262 and the outstanding balance of the RE-252. 

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Triple.Fi 10 officially paid for and sold


UM3X paid for and sold


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