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Audio Technica Advice.

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Recently i was over at my dad's and he had a pair of ATH 40f/s or something similar to that, can't remember the exact model (or maybe that is it?) Anyways i remember the sound they had and the detail and nuances they brought out to be simply amazing, they actually gave me a big wide smile on my face and i remember saying out loud "this is F****** awesome" the only gripe i had about them was they had very little bass at all. I've spent a lot of time (and money) goofing around with home audio equipment and have owned some very accurate speakers before (and still do). I've never quite heard headphones perform as well or better then speakers so i never was into them that much. These completely trashed my perception of my speakers i own now and made everything i have ever heard in my life sound like absolute crap when compared. I was looking around at headroom for a pair of AT phones and couldn't find the 40f/s, not because i wanted to buy them, (lack of bass was something keeping me from buying them) but because i wanted to compare the frequency response graph of them to other AT phones. One pair i was considering getting was the ATH M50's because they do have better bass response from what i can tell by looking at the response graph. I'm looking for that sonic signature i heard in those headphones (40f/s) the flat, detailed, "perfect" sound i heard but i have no clue whether or not AT's sound varies throughout their different headphones. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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yes, like i said i'm not looking to buy them, i'm asking about the M50's in comparison.

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Oh, now i understand. 


Like you mentioned, the M50's have more bass..its very detailed and have a nice midrange (not recessed) more aspects to add:

the M50's are very comfy, and have better isolation. 



a fun headphone to listen to. 

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I notice that the M50's are very popular here. Imo, you can't go wrong with them.

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I'm an ATH-M50 owner. If you have not owned quality headphones before you will be blown away by the ATH-M50. There is virtually no sound leakage and has excellent isolation. However the soundstage is not very good making it poor for movies and gaming.


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anyone know anything about the m-30s?

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also considering the AD700's like the flat response graph, seems to have a similar response curve in the bass as the Koss UR-29's i have.

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