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Guys, I'm really sorry for taking so long to reply!! For some reason I stopped receiving those e-mails that let me know when someone replies to the topic, so I thought it was forgotten hahaha!


First of all, Tulio, great to see you around here!!


Moonboy and goodvibes, to be brutally honest, I mostly used the JH13 with my iPod, since it's what I reckon most people would do with an IEM. I guess right now my best combo is the Marantz BD7004 as a transport, the ECD-1 and the PM-11S2. I tried them with the earphones and I found that while it improved the experience on almost all accounts, at some points it kind of overemphasized the bass a bit and it only addressed the treble issue slightly. The sound seemed to open up compared to the dark sounding iPod Classic, but the treble still sounded thinner than what I'd consider ideal. It's still not something that bothers me much since I'm still pretty much astonished at how good those IEMs can sound. With the Marantz and the ECD-1, the mids sound a lot more open and, while the bass goes a bit too far, the integration between the frequency ranges sounds more linear and natural. The treble also sounds somewhat more "attached" to the midrange, if that makes sense.


I used to have a Little Dot MKIII, but unfortunately I sold it to fund an O2 and an eXStatA, but I'm planning on getting a Little Dot MKVI+ as well to power the K1000. So the best amplifier I can give the JH13s now is the Marantz!


Also, goodvibes, thank you a lot both for the compliment and also for the additional information!! I didn't know that Laserdiscs were good transports. I'm actually not using mine right now since it's only working when it feels like it... I'm also curious about the PM-11S2. I really don't know where the headphone out comes from, but it didn't have the guts to drive my previous K701 that well!


Cheers, everyone!

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I can definitely see why the bass would seem to have gone too far with the ECD1 it's a little north of neutral in the bass region which pairs quite well with the W5000 which is a bit bass light. Nevertheless, great review!

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True! I also did wonders with my previous K701. Tamed the highs and gave such a nice warm feeling to the midrange!


Thanks, moonboy!!

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I do realise that this thread has been dormant for an extensive period of time, but I have a question regarding the JH13 Pro's characteristics. First off, i'll give you a brief diagnosis of where i'm coming from. I intend of finding a pair of speakers for gaming. Having searched high and low for a pair of headphones that are primarily good for gaming, ranging from the Astro A40's to the A700X, it has come to my attention that I have OCD.
I always manage to find something about a headphone that puts me off purchasing them, whether it be from an exposed cable, non-detachable cable or if the headphones are just down right hideous in which the majority of the time there are IMO. During my search I have realised that for pure performance, audiophile grade speakers are the best way to go as they are typically meant for pure performance as opposed to the look and with CIEMs I happen to love how they look and the fact that they can be customised with face plates. Portability and isolation is a plus.

As for the sound stage of this IEM, it is understandable that it is not as expansive to the likes of the HD800 or even K701, but from a gaming perspective where sound stage and imaging are crucial, how do the K701 vs JH13 Pro compare? Would I be better off with an IEM or full sized headphone? What lead me on in wanting an IEM was also that they use BA drivers which are analytical, that way I would be able to pick up more detail. But seperation is also important and I have heard that open headphones excel in this category so what are my best options here?


p.s, excellent first review!

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Well, it is an old thread indeed! :)


In the review I say that I hadn't heard the HD800s, but since then I had one, sold it and got another one (that incidentally arrived yesterday). I think that your choice should depend on your priorities. The JH13s are not going to give you an expansive soundstage, nor imaging as precise as a HD800. However, the isolation that they provide may, in some scenarios (I have two little siblings that make my apartment a noisy place, for example), provide you with a better experience. Also, they don't require half the system that the HD800s do. I'm usually fairly relaxed when it comes to these things – I think that people really exaggerate on this importance of amps and DACs –, but the Sennheisers are an exception and do require a top notch system to shine.


That is not to say, though, that the JH13s are a bad choice. I think that they are able to provide you with a considerably precise pin point of instruments, which should be enough for what you want. It's not going to be like an HD800, but then again it's not going to be a bad experience either.


The AKGs, however, are a different story. To me they aren't even in the same league as the JH13s. The soundstage is more spacious but that's it, period. The JH Audios, in my experience, trounce them in every way, including in pin point imaging. Also, bear in mind that my JH13 was pre-freqphase, and apparently this feature increased transparency and resolution considerably – and I think these are some of the main things that contribute to good imaging, especially with an in-ear that can't resort to things like angled drivers.

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Appreciate the feedback. wink.gif
So the soundstage of the JH13s is smaller which is understandable. How much better are the HD800's for accuracy? + how come you sold them only to repurchase them.
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Well, for accuracy, I guess the HD800s aren't miles better, but a little bit. Don't forget that I'm talking about the pre-freqphase JH13, though. I did, however, purchase a JH Audio Roxanne which has freqphase, and it's a very transparent in-ear, even though it's considerably warm (this is no mean feat in my book). The 13s are more analytical, so in the end it may be, or appear to, even more transparent.


About the HD800s, well, there was a one and a half year gap between owning the first and the second one. I really didn't like them the first time actually... I came a long way since this review, tried many things, sold many things, started a headphone review website that gave me the opportunity to try a whole lot of audio equipment... and I finally got to the point where I know exactly what I'm looking for. And the HD800s came to be, after some maturing of my tastes (which came with experience with different equipment), a very important piece of what is now my definitive setup.

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If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you do as a job (just checked your insane music equipment inventory)?
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Could you give us your brief thoughts on how the 13s compare to the Roxannes?

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Lukalop, I can assure you that there are far more impressive setups around here :)


I'm actually a design student, about to graduate. But I've worked as a freelancer quite a few times, and this has allowed me to invest in some audio equipment.


audioops, in my opinion they don't share much in common. Summing up, the JH13 has more of a professional monitor kind of sound, very dependent on source – usually the sound is punchy and energetic, but it can take on a mellower personality if the recording calls for it. The Roxannes, on the other hand, sound much more "audiophile", if that makes sense. They have a much thicker midrange and the highs are more linear and laid back, but considerably more extended and cleaner. The sound is overall a lot mellower and less analytical than that of the 13s, but the biggest difference – and the thing that sets it apart from all other IEMs I've heard – is how big they sound. The JH13s can already sound pretty big, but the Roxys take this to a whole new level.


Also, they seem to lack something that I hear in every single BA earphone I've heard: a slightly plasticky character in the mids. This, along with the big sound and the "audiophile" personality as opposed to a monitor-like kind of sound, make them sound more like headphones. I read this quite a few times about different IEMs and never found it to be the case, but with the Roxannes the comparison sort of makes sense. They're still different, as they obviously can't project an expansive image, but they have a sound is a lot closer to full-sizes than any other in-ear I've heard before.


The bass control doesn't actually work as I expected. The sound is very thick, and initially this gives an impression of excessive bass. Even when this impression fades away (which is quickly), the bass knob doesn't seem to do all that much until you reach like 11 o'clock. I don't know, but with the bass at minimum I expected a thinner sound that just got bigger and thicker the more I turned up the knob, but that's not what happens. It just seems to fill up a space. The sound is pretty balanced and cohesive up to 12 o'clock (just have some different "filling up" degrees in the sub-bass region), but after that it's way too much for me. At max it's almost a joke. Sounds just like two subwoofers in your ears!

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