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Calgary Headphones Meeting June 19th 2011

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We decided to go University of Calgary  Engineering lounge


Plz read Jonjeffman 's post for more detail..





Engineering Block E  room 134





if any question plz call 403-9699823

My name is Colin




Lets come join the 3rd Head phones Meeting in Calgary!!!


Please send me PM if you interest in coming in,

also let me know what kind of gears are you going to bring with you.



1) Where?

University of Calgary

2) When?


June 19th  2011

Noon to 5:00 pm


3) How many people?


PLZ PM me if you interest in coming in.

I will message to people who came to the last meeting before and people who showed interest but couldn't make it.!!


1: furyagain

2: Robin W.

3: Dweaver

4: Micmacmo

5: Rezolver

6: Alphones

7: Geetarman49(edmonton)

8: AgentXXL

9: Jonjeffman

10: Kayito-san

11: Wongton







Plz pm if you interest in joining us.!!!!!



Gears that we should have in the meeting




AKG: 241, k701


Audeze: LCD-2

Beyerdynamic: T1,T5p , DT-770 250ohm

Denon: D7000(X2), DN-HP700, D2000

Fischer Audio: FA-011

Fortex: t50rp v2

Grado: RS1i, 325, 225i,Modded SR-60

Head-direct: HE-6


shure: sr840

Stax: Sigma (normal bias),Lambda Signatures, Sigmas made from a pair Lambda pros

Ultrasone: Pro 900

Sennhsiser: HD-650: modded HD-555, HD-555

Superlux: HD668B




Head-direct: RE0

Denon AHC-560R

Shure SE215

Shure SE530

Etymotic MC5

Monster Turbine Gold




Audio-gd: reference 5, NFB-2

Little Dot: Dac1

Hot Audio DAC-WOW

Pico DAC/Amp combo

JVC SU-DH1 Dolby Headphone decoder

Practical devices XM-6





Audio-gd: ROC sa version

Musical Paradise MP-301

Little dot MK1+

RWaudio: AMP1, AMPX

Stax: SRM-1 MkII ( 2 of them)




Portable players


Head-direct: HM-601

Apple: Iphone



CD/Sacd player


Denon DVD-5900


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I'm in as usual.

I'll get a couple of my balanced portable amps assembled, otherwise the normal gear.

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I don't plan anything that far ahead. (Thank goodness for people like you, Colin, who do! smily_headphones1.gif ) So you can me in for any Sunday in June. No plans to buy any new gear before then...but you never know.
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You don't need to have new gears to come in,

I don't think any of us have tried all different gears combination yet.

I will try to get more people coming in this time.

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i'm in if i can catch a ride with someone from edmtn.


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I'm definitely interested. It's been a while since I've attended a meet. The 26th is my anniversary so that weekend is a no go. The other weekends are open atm. The sooner we set a date the sooner I can book it off so my ever fluctuating work schedule doesn't screw me over!



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Updated the date,, the meeting is going to be 19th june 2011!!!!!! noon to 5:00 pm.

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bumping up,


Sorry for lack of update in the last one month,

too busy with my new baby

( he is one month old now)


I will start sending message to people inviting them to come  for the june 19th 's meeting.

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Great, we have 9 people now,


more is better.

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Sorry i was really busy with my baby , didn't have time to arrange  much,,


I think i am back now,


plz if  anyone interest in joining us... let me know

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Hi everyone,


managed to get the audioroom to host the event.  Unfortunately they cannot do the 19.  Can everyone make the 18th instead at the same time?




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19th works better for me. Put my name down if the date keeps.

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a change of even 1 day makes a difference... sorry, but count me out if it's the 18th.

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Ya. I think the 19th is preferred. I'm not too worried if audiorooms comes or not. Much more interested in meeting head-fiers and talking about gear.

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I think we should stick with the original date and time,

 as many people already got time set for sunday noon to 5:00pm.

we will stay with that.

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