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I get the crackling too, only on the right.

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i get it on both, left and right.

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Originally Posted by Eureka7 View Post

ok thought something was wrong with it. never happened with other dynamic iems. was worried since it was pretty bad plug into my ears and crackling.press into my ears to adjust crackle pop. Re0 are dynamic right? also have mtcp which are dynamic and did not have much crackling. but anyways thanks.

Well, some IEMs have worse flex than others.  The Xears are notable for this, especially their closed models like the TD100 series.


Oddly enough, my closed XB120Pro never got any driver flex.


Unless it really bothers you and the sound is altered by it, it's not a big problem.  See it in a positive light--it probably means your seal is pretty good :)


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While the crackling itself of the driver flex doesn't annoy me at all, the problem I had probably because of this and the fact that the sound of the TD III are very dependent of the depth of the insertion (making for me hard to have the perfect insertion without being the sound being altered by the driver flex) makes me think that is a very annoying issue.



That's sad considering the sound quality for its price, but sometimes I could take more than 5 minutes to get the proper insertion. Maybe I am maniac, but it turned me off.


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The driver flex on mine only happens on the right, and only during insertion. It's worse with some tips (notably the bi-flange, probably due to higher seal). I doubt it has significant effect on the durability of IEMs though, otherwise people would have raised pitchforks over the slightest driver flex.
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Yeah its a bit annoying but doesnt affect the sound quality. Still enjoying these very much with the double flange tips.

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TD III V2 available for... 80€! (but shipping seems to be included)

Textile cable as announced... but J-type.


The pics are not updated.

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Yeah, I got my pair a few months ago after reading Joker's review on them. The sound's been phenomenal so far. Love the combination of clear highs and mids with powerful, but not muddy bass. But unfortunately I lost one of the double-flanged ear pieces, which was the only one that fit me, so currently shopping around for new ones. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a quality pair of IEMs at a fair price.

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Hello there!


I am thinking to give it a try with Xears.


But which model?  So many new model there and each of them have almost the exact same text...


Which one has a normal Y-chord?


Experience XE200PRO In Ear  (they look huge with the biflange...also sound pressure level of 200mW? does this mean, this one has an extremly low impedancy, which would make it oversensitive ?)


Xears Xtreme XT2 PRO Highend In


Xears Turbo Devices TD III V2 PRO


Nature N3i Highend Headset



Which one has the best sound quality overall?

Which one do don't you have to stick it into the ear very deep?

I mean, they all look pretty big for inears!


Too bad the TDIII V2 has a J-chord now.


But really, even with more bass i can arrange with, if the comfort is good. I don't want to force it too deep into my ears to get a good sound.



Anyone tried most recent ones?

Too bad the big IEM-review-comparison doesn't feature the more recent ones yet.

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I got the N3i today. Sounds very good - from first impressions on par with or better than the TD-III V1. I think the TD-III has the more comfortable form factor and better isolation but the N3i is fine for those who like shallower fit. The XE200PRO is decent as well but not quite as good as N3i/TD-III (again, at first listen).

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The N3i are different. The TDIII have more emphasis on bass where as the N3i are more detailed with almost as much bass. Overall, the N3i are better for me, but I find the cable too short and the housings too large. 


BTW, has anybody heard the TDIII and the silver bullets or Nuforce NE700 for comparison (bass, vocals mainly)?

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Originally Posted by sunspot View Post


Well, some IEMs have worse flex than others.  The Xears are notable for this, especially their closed models like the TD100 series.



They're vented through the cable strain relief. Vented more easily exhibit driver flex due to lack of back presser limiting excursion from the seal and push of air on insertion.


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I have some some Xears TDIII V2 from German ebay on the way. Won the auction with one bid for £43 which seems to be a bargain.  I will be reviewing them against my Brainwavs M2 once they arrive.


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Just got my pair of Xears TD-III V2 for $70 and they should be here soon...Can't wait since my TM1Pro's left ear piece broke off from the part that goes in my ear (sorry don't know the terms :)).


I'll post my opinions when I get em!

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I got the Xears TD-III V2 along with the Experience XE200PRO In Ear and Xears Powerball PB120PRO Silver and I was impressed with all of them. Naturally, the PB120PRO silver was the weakest of the lot, but the price of it is a lot less than the other two. 


In fact, the Experience XE200PRO is easily the best out of the lot of them. It has a bit of added clarity to the already great TD-III and just sounds sweeter overall. For 10EUR more as the price listed on Xears, it's definitely the purchase I'd make. My only qualm with them is the shape and size of them. My ears aren't the biggest, so they're a bit of a nuisance... but sacrifice is needed sometimes when listening to great earphones. The big plus though, is that it's a Y-Chord instead of J-Chord, which makes them that much better (in my opinion anyway, not a fan of J-Chords).


The TD-III V2, however, are absolutely class. Great design, sturdy and sound fantastic. I've had the privilege of comparing them with the great Sunrise Audio Xcited's and Xcape IE's and the TD-III V2 does edge them in certain areas - specifically some improved clarity in the mids. The soundstage is better on the IE in my opinion, but the TD-III V2's are close, definitely. Such a lovely sound from them. Not a boring one at all.

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