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What is the competition in this price range? I would be very interested in a comparison

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So the m50, being in the same price bracket, is the no-contest loser to the FA-011 at all points (except isolation, of course)? I've been considering a set of inexpensive open backed headphones for at home. I wonder if there is anywhere I can audition these because they're really beautiful headphones, and if they beat out my m50s and cost the same then I'm pretty much sold.

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The SQ of the FA-011 reminds me of what I hear from my vintage Beyer DT-990's (1988) but with nonreccessed midrange and an even more pronounced highend. I really like the SQ of my FA-004 except for the bass region (have really never been able to have this area of frequency range fleshed out to my liking). Sounds like the FA-011 has cured this problem in the bass department, also a more extended highend frequency range would not bother me. It appears that the FA-011 will be stiff competition for the AT AD-700, even though it's a little more expensive for the gamers out there. "LFF" always does great reviews-keep up the good work, at least from my stand point you are greatly appreciated. Happy Listening.smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by LFF View Post

I honestly feel the FA-011's are better sounding than the HD-650's. To me, one of the best qualities of the HD-650 was the low, deep bass it put out. However, despite the low, deep bass, the HD-650 always sounded veiled to me. The FA-011's have low, deep bass but do not sound veiled at all and are very affordable.



I was planning to buy the hd650 but your review got me interested in these haha. if they're as good as you say then they're what i've been looking for. my wallet is gonna be happy lol. where can i buy these? i looked at the gd-audiobase site and they're not in stock.


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Similar to the FA-003 and better than the HD-650 in technical aspects? I was more interested in the technical and detail comparisons. Fischer have priced this model much lower than their 002 and 003, and so I wonder if 011 loses out technnically? If not, or they stand with equal footing, then maybe Fischer have ripped themselves off by pricing the 011 so low. hum

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I have a quick question about the deep bass these cans possess.  You compare it to the bass on the HD650, which has some solid bass, but then you wrap up the review saying that these are great cans for bassheads.  The HD650 is hardly a can for bassheads, so this comparison seems quite contradictory to me.  A more appropriate comparison would be with headphones such as the Sony XB500, Ultrasone Pro 900/HFI 580/780, or even the Denon D2000s.  


As a basshead and someone who is very interested in the FA-011, could you elaborate a bit further on these cans' low end?  If it extends deep and is tight and textured, that is awesome, but if it has similar quantity and impact as the HD650, it is hardly a headphone for bass lovers.



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Thanks for posting LFF. Yet another great review from you. 2 quick questions if you don't mind:


1) What is the tension like on the headband area? Somewhat tight like a new K701? Or more loose?


2) How are the materials as far as quality? Specifically interested in the "fork" that holds the wood part. Plastic I assume? How is the build quality compared to say the FA-003?


Thanks in advance, I'm sure more people would like this info than just me.

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May be my next headphone purchase. Thanks for the great review...

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Great review. Looks like a type of headphone I might like. How much do these cost?

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Originally Posted by brasewel View Post

Great review. Looks like a type of headphone I might like. How much do these cost?

118usd from what i saw

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Where can I find these? Most of the places I looked are sold out or don't have them.

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I messaged Dimitri earlier today on the FA-011 availability so I'll give an update here once I receive a reply.

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$118 are you serious?? From the review I surmised these were high end headphones. 

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I think LFF kicked off another buying frenzy. At least, these aren't going to hit the wallet too hard! I must say Fischer seems to have a good line on the current needs/wants of the modern headphone buyer, with good hi-fi sound for the investment being a priority...


I wouldn't mind a set of fun cans for more modern music (rock/alternative, club, etc). Sometimes "neutral" phones just aren't the best match for the music genre/recording, or what I am generally in the mood for. Makes me think about my old car stereo systems...so much fun and sounded great.

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I don't mind :) It's not that expensive and his opinion is one that many in here including me trust after his previous reviews. Of course I would need to get an amp first but I was planning on getting one anyway.


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