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Maybe you can audition the LCD2's with the WA7 at A2A? I'm sure you can come to a decision faster this way on your purchase. Not to mention you have a huge array of can's to try out at A2A and I'm positive that George can also help you with decision making on your purchase as well, nothing beat's listening to the actual thing itself before dropping the cash.

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I wouldn't imagine the pair of FA-011 I happen to have owned even remotely close to LCD2. The clarity lags behind even the $50 Digitech Pro (FA-003 OEM equivalent).  These discussion spark my interest in trying another pair, the issue though is since the different batches of FA-011 sound so varied from one another, it is pretty much a trial and error thing until Fischer audio improves its QC.

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Hey DefQon! Visited A2A today, unfortunately George seemed busy- but Guillaume was there to assist. Went to the bank and withdrew just over $1000 before i arrived just in case- but alas i wasnt swept off my feet. Not sure ill ever find the one perfect can? I may end up as i thought- with 4-6 pairs of headphones after all? Here are my findings:



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Has anyone already used the Turtle beach ear Cushion? My own original ear cushions are getting really worn out.

So I would like to know are they exactly the same?


I have also another problem, I live in The Netherlands and I can’t get hold on to these cushions. (the only supplier for EU is a French company who don’t replies to my English e-mails..) The turtle beach US support isn’t willing to help me with this matter.


But maybe there is anyone so kind to order these ear cushions for me and send them to me.  I will pay of course  in advanced.



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Damn...now I just found another "black hole" for my love of woody headphones...

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The new FA011 look even doper than before!!! Pics coming soon.
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Originally Posted by mrbigsby View Post

The new FA011 look even doper than before!!! Pics coming soon.

Is this the natural wood version?

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I'm not certain, but I'm fairly sure I heard there is only natural finish from now onward.
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Accidental double post
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Yeh they got rid of the dark burgundy version while ago and I thought from your post that they were releasing another version of the 011.

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From what I've seen so far there are cosmetic changes, and a cord change. Ill post more when I have them in hand.
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Just put my spare pleather pads from my FA-003 (Digitech rebadge) and comfort is heaps better, unfortunately it has also made the cans sound a lot muddier and congested - mid bass seems to take over - seems to be due to the pads providing a better seal, whereas the cloth pads allowed the drivers to breathe a bit better.. I've tried EQ'ing the mid-bass down by ~2dB and giving a slight bump from 1k to 16k peaking at 4k@3dB which makes the sound somewhat pleasant...


Like previous comments have stated, it appears the driver has to be kept pretty close to you ear to keep the great sound signature.

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Yeh one of Fischer's representatives here did report saying while ago when everyone was complaining about the earpads that the current earpads Fischer provides on all FA-011 units is the best pad they have experimented, measured and played with to offer the best sound out of these units.

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So I've played around with them a bit more and ended up adding the foam mesh back on the driver - I find it helps keep the mid bass a little less busy. I also tweaked my EQ a bit more and I think I've got it at about 90% of what the sound used to be, considering the extra comfort this is probably the most enjoyable experience I've had with them.


I've attached some pics to show how the pads work with the FA-011, also got a snap of the basic driver side EQ settings for my Xonar ST.





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Good job on the pads. I might chuck on my velour pads from my 003's onto my 011's. With pleather I think their will be too much mid bass with possibility of smearing and pulling the treble back a bit.  You can also try cutting an opening in that foam disc using a 20cent coin should bring a bit of slight clarity to treble. (Australian).

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