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Originally Posted by nipit View Post

So E10 isn't a solution? What about Xonar stx?

E10 is rather good but far away from the result you could have with higher-end dac and amp.

The fa-011 need more power than an usb powered device could throw at them IMO.

The result is quite good though considering the price of the combo (less than 200$)

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I agree, I wish I could use them but I just am on the go too much.

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Edouard what would you suggest? I don't really want to spend a lot money, as I am not going to buy full sized headphones ( maybe 1 or two pairs). I am more IEM guy ;)

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It depends on the money you're ready to spend :)

Aune x1 ?

Yulong u 100 ?

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The O2 amp or e9

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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

^ No, not really.  My J3 does not power it well and its no slouch in driving potential, on 35/40 volume its just in the realm of normal listening and lacks staging qualities, it needs an amp which I am not happy about.  The E10 is not that well suited for its sound qualities, its stage is limiting it and makes it sound really off and boxed, and odd sound.  A better amp is needed not only for stage qualities but also driving power.  I do not think the E10 is nearly powerful enough for it which is why I listed my FA011 for sale.  Also, my Livewire duals make it sound muffled as will any great iem $250+ so I feel you on that, but that doesnt make them a bad value, despite that, they remain one of the best if not THE BEST sub $200 headphones on earth.  

Really? And here I thought they sounded nice through my tiny PA2V2. tongue.gif

Granted though that they do sound better when used with my MiniMAX but my ears don't hear a huge a difference.

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Originally Posted by RayleighSilvers View Post

What about a cheap sound card like the xonar dg with an amp like the E9?

I'd move up a bit to the DX which has a slightly more powerful opamp on it. But yes you can pair any with the E9.

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I'm experiencing some rattling on some mid bass notes, and when its loud.
I know some have got this also but how do i fix it? i can't find their comments.

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I posted earlier about the FA-011s being picky on sources and amps and I wanted to follow up. I am focusing on the treble because that seems to be what I am sensitive to with these headphones.


Pandora on Kindle Fire > CMOY BB > FA-011   Highs are smooth (Rolled off?) with well balanced sound


Clip+ > CMOY BB > FA-011 Some recordings are overly bright and sibilant. 75-ohm adapter takes the edge off the highs.


Marantz CC400OSE > Line Out > CMOY BB > FA-011 Overly bright in the highs but with the 75ohm adapter sound good again.


Marantz CC4000OSE > Headphone Out > FA-011 Sounds amazing Highs are detailed but not harsh,  Bass extension is deep. My favorite combination so far.


 I am guessing that something about the CD player being on AC power vs. the CMOY BB running off a 9V may have an effect. The CMOY BB sounds great with all of my IEMs but it also has trouble with my Fostex T20 RP. I don't think it is only the impedance because the CMOY BB has no problem driving my HD570s at 64ohms.


Another possibility is has my ears are just overly sensitive to treble so take all of this with a grain of salt. I absolutely love the CMOY BB with all my other headphones so it makes me think that there might be something extra demanding about the FA-011. Who knows.


 I really wish they would have offered the CMOY BB with the rechargeable batteries a year a go when I bought it because I could have rebought the amp about 2 times over with all the 9v I have purchased to run it. :)

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Any idea if a ibasso D4 can drive the FA-011's properly? I have a pair of the dark red version coming in and was wondering if I have to look into buying another amp also.

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350x263px-LL-cc341d71_P2280041.jpeg  350x263px-LL-249ad943_P2280043.jpeg



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Quick question, Cable is on the left hand side right?

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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post

Quick question, Cable is on the left hand side right?


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@all : how will a maverick d1 pair up with the FA-011?  I am looking for better, more forward mids and tighter bass, currently using a udac.


my udac doesnt seem to bring out the best of my headphones....its fine, but I feel it can do a lot better (maybe its an excuse to spend even more money on audio gear?)

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guess nobody gives a crap about my attempt to remodel the headband

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