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Fiio E7 Heaphone Input Problems

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I bought the E7 + E9 combo off micca store a couple of months back, and the E7 was working great until a week ago when the headphone input stopped working. Now i cant listen to anything with the E7 alone, but it still works when its docked with the E9. One of the headphone inputs had not been working since i got it but i didnt mind since it has 2 inputs but about a week ago the other died. Has anyone been having problems with the E7? Maybe i just got a defective unit. Is there a way to contact Fiio? Thanks

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PM feiao (Fiio's sponsor on Head-fi). I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you.

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Micca is our best sale agents, so do not hesitate to contact Jack or send mail to support@miccastore.com. they will help you solve the problem.


You can also PM to Jack.

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 I had the same exact problem a month or so ago. Just contacted the Micca Store and got a rma. Good Luck.

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I've returned two E7's as both of them had defective headphone jacks - It's potentially a great product but the quality of the headphone jacks is pathetic (if you look down it, the jacks look like a 4.5-5.5mm jack with a clip either side to push it in, which causes the wobble/sound cut out)


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Right, the E7 is awesome but if the headphone jack is a common problem, they really should look into changing that.


I contacted micca store and got an RMA but the cost is $17 to have it replaced. It's a little high for getting a defective product. Doesn't the E7 come with a one year warranty?

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Not sure how it works in the US but in the UK yes you do (one year warranty) and even further for defective products - If you search on here (and google) you'll find quite a few threads about the E7 and  headphone jacks

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sorry for the inconvenience, we had already notice most of the defective E7 is relate with headphone jack. 


In fact, we use traditional headphone jack in E7, which the size is bigger than the jack in E5, E3, so it should have better quality. but there are two main reason:


1, when you use some very hard cable, it will curve the 3.5mm connector and make it disconnect.


2, current headphone jack use some metal contact plate, it have bigger elastic force but sometimes is easy to be damage, we will ask our supplier to use other


  kind of metal to make the contact plate.


3, Depend on the fail rate, it is still under normal level, but we will try to improve the quality although it is quite common situation for mechanical component/part.


   and it is the NO.1 reason in all our products.


4, Don't worry about the defective E7 because we have lots of local sales agent around the world, so it is quite easy to get service from a local sales agents. 




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