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Sennheiser HD238B

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I'm new to headphones. I was recommended a pair of these Sennheiser's, which to my knowledge is a good brand. This guy knows a lot about headphones and it fit my price range of about $20-$40ish.


I want to know if they are good for the money or if there's a better pair out there for the money?


PLEASE Respond 



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koss ksc75?

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I own them and they are decent not considering the price but good when you consider it's only ~$30

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HD238's: boomy, bloated, overloud bass IMO.  I much prefer the older PX-100's.  Not the PX-100 II, which I also think have way too much bass.  Old PX-100 is the winner here IMO.


The 238's also have fake leather ear pads which made me sweat a lot. PX-100's more comfortable.


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Personally I love them and don't find them boomy at all, so to each his own I guess. For that price they are a true bargain. Another great one at that general price is the DT 235.

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