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Best Computer Speakers for $250 -$300. Possibly 2.1

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Hi there,


I'm in search for the best 2.1 computer speakers I can get around $250 - $300. I listen to all kinds of music, lately been into lot of instrumental and vocal trance. I listen to lot of female voice heavy songs. I play lot of games as well. What do you guys think about the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 wireless? It would go very well with my laptop. I move my laptop around the house a lot but wireless is no big deal. I'm not like a bass hungry person but I wouldn't mind shaking the room or house once in a while. What do you guys recommend?

Any help would be great.


Thank you

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M-Audio BX5a

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Audioengine A5's. Check sig, check Cnet reviews, check youtube reviews, check head-fi reviews. I would stab a motherf****r over these. they are my babies.

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From my experience with Klipsch powered desktops they went haywire after a few months use. The volume control was screwy.  A friend who had the same set also had the same issue so I looked into it and apparently I wasn't the only one. Popular opinion says sometimes their electronics aren't all that great , even though the speakers themselves may be great. Unless they have used better quality components now to go along with the speakers. Maybe I got a set from a bad batch. There certainly were enough others online with the same issue.

 That being said my brother went ahead and picked up the 2.1 setup ( wired ) and has had no issues, and they crank. Look deep into reviews on a particular model first( like I have to tell you that ). He's totally happy with his wired version of the 2.1.


I would recommend actually listening to stuff first-hand with decent quality files you like. Hopefully there's a store nearby that has them on display and powered up.  That's what sold me on my Audioengine A2's, which for my place are too loud to play even at half. I walked home after listening to them,and then walked straight back to the store again and bought them. Incredible sound.

There's no artificial bass enhancement which I like, and the bass is there enough for me. I can feel the wind coming out of the port at the front with a bass heavy track.

The A5's have the port at the back I think. Good quality for sure. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.


I would second the A5's, and would get those if I didn't already have these A2's.

Check em out in person if at all possible.

You're probably not going to need to bother with a sub on the A5's from what I understand. If you really feel the need to down the road Audioengine also has an optional sub to go with them, but I doubt you'd need it.

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A5's do indeed have the port on the back. the bass is loud enough that it will vibrate the crap out of your hanging picture frames and whatnot without overpowering anything else. nothing is artificially enhanced. it has an rca input and 2 line inputs, connects via standard speaker cable. You can connect to a DAC/Amp/Reciever unit but you need to make sure that unit has PRE AMP outputs. Dont amp something and then send it to the speakers as they are self-powered. They also have an AC outlet and a usb power outlet for charging your gadgets while keeping them in close proximity to the speakers. Specifically designed for use with an ipod dock+airport. It comes with every cable you can possibly ever need for using with the speakers. Kevlar 5 inch dome with silk tweeters, extremely durable.


I wont even begin to describe the sound qualities. The only other ones I can recommend would be Swan M200mkII's. I have never heard these but I hear they are very comparable to the audioengine A5's and they look much nicer. The A5's are not terribly pretty to look at, just black on more black, however for another 150 you can get the ones encased in bamboo instead of MDF.


Might I direct you to this thread with a hint of smugness, good sir?biggrin.gif

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Man I think you may have sold me on them too! I missed out on a pair recently dirt cheap I knew I should have grabbed them. I wish the usb was on the side or back, but really who cares. If only they made headphones. I am going to email them and put that bug in their ear. Can you imagine?


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Originally Posted by shrimants View Post

Audioengine A5's. Check sig, check Cnet reviews, check youtube reviews, check head-fi reviews. I would stab a motherf****r over these. they are my babies.

LOL hilarious >_< you sir are awesome

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Awesome replies guys! It's great to see such an enthusiastic support for one product. Everything I have read about the Audioengine A5 looks great.

The only thing that worried me was the heat problem lot of people mentioned. On Amazon itself, there are several people who say when you use the A5

at high volumes, it heats up and eventually cuts off. Is this your experience as well? This might be a huge drawback as I like to turn it up high but then again I wouldn't need to as it might be loud enough at medium settings.



Edit : How does Audioengine A5 stack up against the Bx5a or even A2?



Thank you

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In my experience I never had a heat problem with the A5s.

I normally listen to music, or play music at moderate to high volume.

The build-in amp always stays warm, but never went hot.


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Swan M10's are good for the price.


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It's not surprising if they overheat theres no extenal heatsink, vents , fans or anything and amps do generate alot of heat when pushed hard.

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Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post

Swan M10's are good for the price.


The M50 is better


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  My vote goes to the BX5a, however I am sure you cannot make a poor choice between the two (BX5a & AE5)

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I was wondering where I could hear A5 and M200MKII in person. BestBuy? Costco? As I was reading, one thing that I noticed was that I need to pay attention to the size of the room. My room itself is fairly small, it's 192" by 180" and I was planning to place the speakers next to my monitor. The left one would be pretty close to the wall. Is that not good? Also as far as looks go, the A5 might fit better with everything else here but that's not a big deal.


Thank you


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